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COIT20249 Portfolio Items

Portfolio Items (Individual Assessments) Portfolio 1 – PF1 (10 marks) This assessment will be discussed in Week 3 to be submitted in Week 4. Please Note: Moodle uses AEST time. That is, if you live outside Queensland you will have to adjust the time for final submission (due date and time). Description: This assignment aims to develop awareness among students of becoming a lifelong learner. Students need to use the ARE process in this assignment. Students also require to write a reflective analysis on their experience of doing this task. Requirements: 1. To succeed in an ever changing ICT profession, it…

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MGMT19126 Operations Management

Code: MGMT19126 Subject: Operations Management Globalisation means that domestic service, production, and exporting may no longer be a viable business model. As we know that there are many new standards, of global competitiveness that impact quality, variety, customisation, convenience, timeliness, flexibility, and cost. The globalisation of strategy contributes to efficiency and add value to products and services. In this assessment, select one of the following organisation of interest to you and write a short report of 1800-word to the board of your selected organisation. You need to concisely recommend the business operations related to improvement in order to meet customer requirements and…


Principles of Economics ECON1008

Subject: Principles of Economics Code: ECON1008 word limit is 500 words “Lemon shortage and high demand for fresh fruit sends prices skyrocketing” Please read the article attached and answer the questions: 1. Using demand and supply model and assuming that lemons are sold in a perfectly competitive market, explain the reasons for the price of lemon to skyrocket. Please make sure you clearly explain the equilibrating process. [5 marks] 2. Clearly explain and illustrate the impact of the increase in the price of lemon on a substitute good for lemon. In your discussion provide an example and explain the equilibrating process…

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