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3001, 2023

COIT20245 JAVA Program and Specification Project

COIT20245 Assignment Help JAVA Program and Specification Project Assignment help Project Details Program For this project you are going to further develop your assignment two code. • For starter, implement a searching and sorting method in your assignment two program so user can search and sort the records. You need [...]

2407, 2019

ITC538, Basic Algorithms in Java Assignment Help

Task 1 The Australian Government will introduce a new personal income tax for 2018-2019. The personal income tax is calculated based on filing status and taxable income. There are four filing statuses: single filers, married filing jointly, married filing separately, and head of household. The tax rates vary every year. [...]

2407, 2019

ITC521 Socket Programming Assignment Help

Task Write a JAVA GUI program that would facilitate text chatting/exchanging between two or multiple computers over the network/internet, using the concept of JAVA socket programming. If you do not have any network environment, you can run on a single machine by instantiating your program multiple times. E.g. you can [...]

2407, 2019

ITC521 Database and Multi thread Programming

Code - ITC521 Assignment Help Subject - Database and Multi thread Programming Assignment Help Task 1: Grade Processing (7.5 marks) University grading system maintains a database called "GradeProcessing" that contains number of tables to store, retrieve and manipulate student marks. ‘Java2’ is one of the tables which contains following attributes for all [...]

1507, 2019

Research Report on Java Data Persistence Technology

The Assignment 1 Specification and Marking Criteria Research Report on Java Data Persistence Technology The persistence of the data, which are created by business transactions and social events, supports the continuity of an enterprise. These data support not only the daily operations but also the smart decision, such as predicting [...]

304, 2019

COIT20246 ICT Services Management

Programming skills The Java multi threading and client/server model are the fundamental Java components for developing distributed applications. In this particular assignment, we are required to develop the programming skills of these two components through a simplified client/ server information query system. Apply knowledge and understanding about the concept of [...]

2803, 2019

COIT20245 Java Assignment

COIT20245 Assignment Help Assignment 1 Assessment Task You are to develop a Java console application using the NetBeans 8.2 IDE. The application is to calculate and classify MAP (Mean Arterial Pressure) for a randomised subset of individuals in a clinical trial. The number of individuals in the subset is not [...]

1508, 2018

COIT20245 Assignment1, Java assignment Help

Assignment task Lawn Mowing Java Assignment Write a java console application for a lawn-mowing service for N lawns. N should be declared as a constant and it should be equal to the largest digit of your student ID number (e.g. if your ID number is S143261 then N should be [...]

808, 2018

COIT20245 , Introduction to Programming Assignment Help

Java Assignment Help Due date: Week 6 Friday (24-Aug-2017) 11:45 PM AEST   Weighting:      20% Assignment task Write a java console application for a lawn-mowing service for N lawns. N should be declared as a constant and it should be equal to the largest digit of your student ID [...]

1905, 2018

COIT20245 Assignment 2, Assignment Help

Code - COIT20245 Subject - Introduction to Programming In this assignment, you are to implement a console application that supports simple BMI (Body Mass Index) analysis functionality through a class called BMIAnalyser. A phased implementation approach is recommended; refer to Appendix 2 for further details. 2. The Application The data to be [...]