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A computer runs a program and a program is the set of instructions that are sent by the CPU Central Processing Unit to the computer. Instruction is executed by the computer to the particular task. The source code of computer language is developed by the programmers. A study of developing and writing codes is called computer programming.

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Computer programming assignments of computer science deal with three parts:

Computer Hardware: the science that deals with the functions and the mechanics of computer science are called computer hardware. All the physical elements that constitute a computer System are called computer hardware.

Computer networking: Connecting different computer networks for sharing the data is science we will discuss in computer networking.

Computer programming: it is the third major part of computer science. Computer programming is divided into two parts theory and applications: theories of computer programming: theory of computation, information and coding theories, data structures and algorithms, programming language theories like java, C++ and Visual Basic. Applications of computer programming area cover: Databases, software architecture, computer performance analysis and computer security.

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