Privacy Policy

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Our company truly understands all your concerns about privacy and also the security of personal information. Thus it is the ethical responsibility of our organization to make the customers fully aware of the privacy policy. We define privacy policy of our firm for ensuring that all your personalized information is safe with us.

  • All the personal data and information of students is always kept confidential.
  • Our company doesn’t give the student’s information to any of the third parties.
  • The contact details of customers are utilized only for the motive of communicating about the order that has been booked with our firm. The information is not utilized for any other purpose.
  • Our firm doesn’t share the personalized information of tutors/ writers. This is being done for maintaining the confidentiality of customers and also experts. However, the clients can be made connected to the experts working with us for providing any sort of clarification with regard to order. But we never share contact details with customers.
  • The solved assignments/ homework delivered to the customers are not used for any other purposes. Also, it is not held in the server system for more than a period of three months.
  • While making payment your credit card information is kept completely confidential. We have collaborated with payment partners so that they can deal with your credit card information. Our company never gain access to your bank details or credit card information.