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Microsoft Office Assignment Help

Microsoft office is one such subject students generally take for granted. Using it in one form or the other in their day to day lives make them feel that they they know a lot about the subject but when it comes to completing Microsoft assignments the task is not so easy. It requires the students to have both the general as well as advanced level knowledge about the subject in order to obtain good marks. Facing questions or complex problems relating to Microsoft office make them realize that they want some one who can guide them or help them throughout their work.

Microsoft Office – An Introduction

We all know that technology has evolved drastically in today’s world.  With the advent of technology, there is a rapid change in the software’s used by the people. Despite this rapid change Microsoft Office has stood the test of time. Microsoft Office was announced on 1st August 1988. Microsoft Office is used by end users and is mainly used on desktop.  Today Microsoft Office has evolved and contains the several components:

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft word was released in 1983. It is mainly used for publishing text documents.  It contains many useful features like spell check and grammatical error check; add header, footer and page number and protection of the document by password. Pictures, tables, pie charts and hyperlinks can be inserted easily in Microsoft word. One can also adjust the page borders, page color, margins, orientation, size and columns. These features along with the other features make Microsoft word the most sought after software for making text documents.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft excel is a widely applied spreadsheet platform for Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS. It includes features such as calculation, graphical representation, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. The program displays cells organized in rows and columns and each cell may contain data or formulations with relative or absolute references to other cells.  A lot of complex office documents are made and handled using Microsoft Excel. Thus it is a widely used application in the corporate sector throughout the world.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very powerful presentation tool. It was officially launched in 1990 and has been widely used since then. Microsoft PowerPoint consists of a number of individual pages or slides. Slides may contain text, graphics, sound, movies, and other objects, which may be arranged freely. The presentation can be printed, displayed live on a computer, or navigated through at the command of the presenter. For larger audiences the computer display is often a video projector. Slides can also form the basis of webcasts. This software saves a lot of time for people who would have to otherwise rely on other types of visual aids like whiteboards, projectors etc. With a variety of animations and text options Microsoft PowerPoint is the perfect tool for presentations.

Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access is a database management system and is used by software developers, data architects and power users to develop application software. It uses its own database storage file. In addition to that it may be used as the ‘front-end’ of a program while other products act as the ‘back-end’ tables, such as Microsoft SQL Server and non-Microsoft products such as Oracle and Sybase. Using Microsoft Access Users can create tables, queries, forms and reports, and connect them together with macros.

Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft Outlook was released in 1997 and was included by Microsoft in office 97. Outlook is an email application and helps user in sending emails to contacts. Outlook first fetches the email from an external inbox which can be a Microsoft mail account or some other email account. It then stores it in the outlook inbox so that the email is accessible offline. A user can read and type a response for the email offline. As soon as outlook finds out an internet connection, it automatically sends the email to the desired recipients.  Microsoft outlook is mainly used as a email application but it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking journal and web browsing.

Microsoft One-note:

Microsoft One-note was released in 2003 and is a note taking software. In One-note, users can enter typed text via keyboard, create tables, and insert pictures. However, unlike a word processor, users can write anywhere on a virtually unbounded document window by just clicking there. Also, users do not need to explicitly save their work – One-note saves data automatically as the user works.  One note can also gather drawings, screen clippings and audio comments. Some of the other features that Microsoft One Note has are: One Note to clipper and Email to One Note. One note has gained widespread acceptance and is one of the best educational note taking software in the market today. 

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