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COIS13034, Cloud Based Smart Application Management Assignment

Objectives The unit learning outcomes covered in this assessment are listed in the unit profile. Enabling objectives 1. Acquire fundamental knowledge on cloudcomputing; 2. Become familiar with cloud service providers and theirservices; 3. Learn to manage cloud services. General Information The purpose of this assignment is to compare and contrast two cloud service providers and their services. By doing this assignment, you will acquire a good understanding of available cloud service providers and their service offerings. This will help you to determine appropriate services for developing smart applications. What do you need to do? The assignment requires you to do the…


ICTSUS501 , Implement Server Virtualization assignment

Scenario.                                                                                         A small business XYZ is thinking of virtualizing its current server hardware.  They currently have four physical servers, all  of which are running Windows 2012 Server.  These servers are connected via a Cisco switch/router, which also connects them to the broader Internet.  They have asked you to investigate how they could virtualize this infrastructure, and then do a proof-of-concept implementation with the recommended technology. Your task is to review these requirements, decide what virtualization technologies are required, prepare a plan to do the project, and implement the proof-of-concept virtualization.  Before you implement the virtualisation, you should…


Bluemix cloud based smart iot application, node red

bluemix, iot assignment

Objectives 1. Analyse a business problem 2. Configure, and deploy a cloud based smart/IoT (Internet of Things) application to simulate the problem 3. Design a Node-RED based visual tool to debug the telemetry data from simulation General Information The purpose of this assignment is to create a cloud based simulating environment which will help to identify/understand the problem stated in the given case study using analysis tools available in IBM Bluemix. In assignment two, you are working in a group of 3-4 students but you are welcome to attempt the assignment individually. By doing this assignment, you will learn to use skills and knowledge of emerging…


ACC508, Informatics and Financial Applications

Background The ability to understand and present information clearly and professionally is an important skill. Your manager has asked you to investigate some information systems concepts, of decision support systems and cloud computing.Your target audience is executive business people. Your assignment will be marked out of 100 marks and represent 20% of your final grade. Assignment Requirements and Deliverables Question 1: Report                                                                                          75 marks   In this report you will be demonstrating your skill in academic writing and presentation skills. We will be carefully looking at your word skills in this report.  In this report you will be reporting on…


Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud computing for businesses,HI6008

HI6008 Assignment 1 Requirements Structure   All HI6008 Students Enrol in the Semester 2/2017 need to follow below Assignment structure: Introduction Project Objective Project Scope Literature Review  (Students’ needs to do full literature review (2000 -2500 words) on chosen topic) Conclusion Reference List Appendix        


Cloud computing and its benefits !

Task Q1. You need to prepare a short report that describes Cloud Computing and its major benefits for any business organization. Your discussion should be 400-600 words length. Q2. ABC Payrolls is a fictitious company who has locally hosted its payroll application for their customers (mostly small businesses, sole traders and individuals). You are required to prepare a report on the benefits and challenges for ABC Payrolls to migrate to a SaaS provider. Your report must be 500-700 words length. Q3. ABC Payrolls might consider migrating to an IaaS service provider for their services. Thus, they have additionally requested a report…


Cloud Platforms assignment – IAAS, PAAS, SAAS

IAAS (INFRASTRURTURE AS ASERVICE): IAAS is fundamental building block for self service model that is used to accessing, managing and monitoring infrastructure. It takes the remote datacenter infrastructure such as server, storage, array and networking. It builds the virtual infrastructure that’s help to created, resized and removed when it’s needed. As the electricity and other utility billing customer can buy the IAAS based consumption rather than to buy hardware outright. PAAS (PLATFORM AS A SERVICE): PAAS is a category of cloud computing which provides a platform that allows the customer to developed and deployed without the complexity of building and maintaining…


Cloud computing – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models in soft Arc Engineering Ltd !!

SoftArc Engineering Ltd is a civil engineering company which works across Australia as well as in Indonesia, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. The company is considering moving some of its computer infrastructure into the Cloud. The SoftArc Engineering Board is contemplating this move as a way to increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness, as well as to achieve some savings on the cost of maintaining their ICT infrastructure. SoftArc Engineering has engaged you as a consultant to advise them on the use of Cloud Computing in their daily operations. They have some 200 engineering and support staff that work on…

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