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Sample Assignments
ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design Assignment Help

Case Study: TFW Logistics Founded in the UK in 1989, TFW Packages started as a small delivery service that gave fast and personal courier options for the delivery of small to medium packages within a 100-mile radius of London. Operating in a very competitive industry with various national and international competitors, TFW Packages pursued a strategy with personalised pick-up and delivery options, fast-tracking the transfer of packages using a variety of transport modes and communication devices. Taking advantage of the increase in eCommerce, TFW Packages set up franchise opportunities in various international destinations. As they expanded their operation it became necessary…

100 AUD – COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching

Code – COIT20261 Assignment Help Subject – Network Routing and Switching Assignment Help   Question 1 – Address usage                                                                         (3 marks)   Consider the following classless address in a given block:   Answer the following questions:   a) What is the network address of the block? (1 mark) b) What is the direct broadcast address on that network? (1 mark) c) How many addresses are available as host addresses? (1 mark) Show ALL the steps that you have taken to arrive at your answer Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block                                            (8 marks)   A company has been granted…