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Sample Assignments
Basic Algorithm : Java Assignment help

Assessment 1: Task 1: Value 5 Marks Write a complete Java program with the following specifications: # Display a welcoming message such as: “Welcome to Calculator Program!” # Prompt the user twice to enter two positive whole numbers, indicating first and second values, first value being smaller than the second one # Calculate the square and cube of each number from first value to second value inclusive and then display an appropriately headered three column table with each row containing the number, its square and its cube respectively # Display a farewell message such as: “Goodbye, thank you for using our program!” As an example,…

ENEX 20001 Embedded Systems Design Assignment Help !

Q1. (20marks) Write a program to add numbers from m to n (including them) where m and n are the first two digits and last two digits of your student number respectively. (In case they both are the same, modify n as n=m+25) Q2. (20marks) Write a program to read two 3×3 matrices and calculate their sum and print the output using while loop. Q3. (30marks) A water level sensor in a water tank is mounted above the tank and it measures the distance to the water surface from its position. The empty tank outputs 5m and the full tank outputs…

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