M/602/2850 – Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals!

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    2850/1.1 – Explain outcome based practice? 

    Presently, the concept of outcome based practices is gaining the attention of a lot of health and social care service providers to provide desired care services to their patients. While the term ‘outcome’ in health and social care practices simply means the impact or the net result of support services on the life of a person, outcome based services includes all those services which aims at achieving the intent and desires that the carers or service users considered as significant rather than simply providing standardized services determined by service providers. Thus, outcome based service put the needs of the patient at the centre of the service and ensures to deliver best of services ensuring they live meaningfully and to their fullest potential.

    2850/1.2 critically review approaches to outcome based practice 

    Beginning from central place to individual and identification of their priorities to being involved and supportive, the approach supports better outcomes. It supports maximum individual role by focusing on the strengths, goals as well as capacities of the people. While identifying positive outcomes, a range of solutions or strategies were considered including family support, difficulties, aspirations or community-based resources. Moreover, as the outcomes changes with the journey in the life of individual, individual needs are reassessed continually followed by reviewing individual care plans to reflect required changes. Thus, the outcome based practices are favored as it considers individual’s preferences as a central point to decision-making process.

    2850/1.3 analyzes the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practice?

    There exist a number of legislations or policies that have its effect on the way health and social care services are practiced. Government legislations applicable to outcome based practices will give the liberty they need to respond to the desires or priorities of individuals. Further, it encourages more social and health care providers to adopt outcome based approach while providing such services to individuals. These policies are practiced to further ensure that all service users, as well as care providers, are treated equally. Thus, the legislations along with promoting fair opportunities to individuals ensures that such practices must be adhered to.

    2850/1.4Explain how outcome based practice can result in positive changes in individuals lives

    Outcome based approach encourages service providers to focus on the meaningful changes they make to someone’s life by improved outcomes rather focusing on inputs or processes. It tends to bring positive changes by delivering quality outcomes to individuals and make sure that they live a meaningful and satisfactory life. By focusing on outcomes, a service provider also ensures better services to its users in said volume and manner agreed. Based on the personal choices of individuals, the most common outcomes includes quality of life outcome, process outcomes or change outcomes. Thus, by moving away from need based care, outcome based practice focuses on the needs, feelings or desires of the individuals. The approach tends to provide what is important to individuals than what is needed by the individual.

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