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Operations Management Assignment Help

Students pursuing their MBA’s or an equivalent degree and want to flourish their career as a operations manager in a reputed firm generally opt for operations management as their specialization. The study mainly focuses on the in depth study of productions and operations processes taking place within the enterprise. it is also true that assignments and case studies are considered as an integral part of management curriculum. students thus finds it difficult in completing their operations management assignments, solving case studies or homework questions as it requires a great deal of analytical thing and right approach.  Moreover completing their assignment will not assure good grades until the student is well versed with basic and advanced level concepts of operations management. 

What is Operations Management?

Operations management is one of the important area of management which involves a combinations of studies from areas such as production systems, inventory systems, information management system as well as methods and techniques of production. it is defined as administration or management of business practices so as to introduce as much efficiency as possible within the organization. it also involves converting of labour and material into the final goods and services to achieve maximum of profits and other organizational goals. The concept of utilizing efficient productions systems and processes to save the time & motions and to ultimately save the cost of productions was firstly initiated by fredrick taylor  also popularly known as father of scientific management. The most popular theories governing the subject of operations management include: economic order quantity, bills of material and lean manufacturing system etc.

Major issues in operations management:

  1. Effective relations with new firms
  2. Training and maintenance of qualified workers
  3. Quality control
  4. Material handling
  5. Reevaluation of controlling system
  6. introduction of new techniques and technologies
  7. Management of inventory levels
  8. determining the size of manufacturing plants etc.

Thus operations management is all about managing the processes of converting the input such as labour, material or other inputs into the final products such as goods and services. the major processes involved in the operations management includes: supply chain and logistics, delivery management, process designing and improvements etc.

Operations Management Assignment and Homework Help

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