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The subject of organizational behavior is quite common when it comes general management studies at college level. it basically includes the study of patterns of human behavior within the organization. moreover it is also true that understanding the complex nature of human behavior is quite a tricky task. assignments being a part and parcel of higher level studies will help us in understanding the problems from real life perspective. They also plays a significant role in the marking criteria of the entire course. the main idea behind giving assignments is to apply the scientific approaches studied in books to understand and study employees within the organization to improve overall efficiency.

What is organizational behavior?

Organizational behavior is an important part of total management thus plays important role in each and every area of management and also accepted by the all the people concerned. the term ‘organizational behavior’ refers to the understanding of behavior of people engaged in an organization because the organization itself cannot behave. The concept of organizational behavior is relatively new and has appeared as a separate form of study in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. the study with its introduction has changed the mentality of management that all organizational problems are technical in nature. moreover they came to know that for any organization to be effective, it is important to understand as well as predict the human behavior as well.Thus organizational behavior may be defined as organization of individual’s behavior in relation to physical means and resources in order to achieve the desired objectives. It is an area of study which takes into account the impact that individuals, groups as well as structures have on the behavior within the organization.

Role of organizational behavior:

The role of organizational behavior mainly includes understanding of the human behavior as well as influencing the human behavior. these are discussed in detail as follows:

 1. Understanding the human behavior: the human behavior can be studied or understood from the point of view of following four significant levels:

(i) Individual behavior: organizational behavior try to examine as well as analyse, why and how the individuals behave in a particular situation at a given point of time.

(II) Interpersonal behavior: behavioral sciences gives the management way through which they can understand interpersonal behavior within the organization.

(iii) Group behavior: Under this group formations, behavior as well as interactions within the organizational are put under in depth analysis.

(iv) Inter group behavior: the study of organizational behavior also said to help managers in achieving cooperative group relationships within the organization. 

2. Influencing the human behavior: organizational managers can influence the behavior through direction and control through the following significant ways:

(i) Leadership helps the management in coordination the human behavior to that of organizational needs and requirements.

(ii) Motivation through monetary or non-monetary rewards helps in bringing the desired performance from the individuals.

(iii) Communication  being a building block, is continuously improved using behavioral sciences within the organization.

(iv) Organizational change is very much important to bring development within the organization. so the efforts are made continuously to successfully handle the organizational change and development.

Organizational behavior assignment and homework help

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