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The main focus of the public health is the adoption of the intervention measures which are likely to avert the cases of injuries, diseases as well as the infections. These interventions also include the changes in the behaviour, the lifestyle of people and proper education of the people on managing their health in an effective manner. At public health assignment help some of the best brains who have immense knowledge of the field have been recruited. The quality of work which is done by our writers is a clear indication of their qualification as well as the expertise in the subject and enables the students to fetch top grades and take their academic career to the new heights. All our tutors have many years of extensive experience in managing all sorts of the public health homework inquiries online.

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Report – Social Determinants of Health!

Heart disease is one of the significant causes of death in Australia. There are around 43,963 deaths caused in the nation due to the cardiovascular disease. According to a survey, it has found that heart disease kills one Australian in every 12 minutes which shows the danger to the country. Heart disease includes stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy and many more. In Australia, cardiovascular disease is referred to as most significant health issues which need to control for reducing the burden from the economy. From a survey of 2007, it was recorded that half of the deaths in country were due…


HCR5004 : Leading Teams in Health and Social Care assignment help!

Assignment Tasks – Summative Assignment (LO 3 and 4) You have just been appointed as Engagement Officer for a Care provider in the heart of London. The care home provides a range of care services at various locations; a 99-bed care home in London, and provide domiciliary care for 50 clients in an outer London Borough. The organisation has many challenges within it, including a high staff turnover, failing standard with Care Quality Commission and a bad relationship with the local community. There is low morale, but the staff are well paid. The senior management of the organisation includes the Chief…


HCR5004 : Leading Teams in Health and Social Care

Assignment Task Part 1 – Individual Presentation (LO 1 and 2) Prepare and submit a presentation on leadership styles in health and social care covering the following areas: # Definition of leadership as it applies to Health and Social care; # Styles of leadership in health and social care; # Examples of each style of leadership; # Advantages and disadvantages of each style of leadership. (30%) (Maximum 1,000 words) Your presentation must be uploaded to the available turnitin portal on the ilearn module page. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero. Please note that exceeding the word…


HCR5001 : Public Health

Assignment Task: Essay Identify an example of an own country public health initiative and use it to answer the following questions. 1) Discuss how culture can affect the outcome of a health initiative (30%) 2) Reflect on how the health situation in a country and the outcome of the health initiative could have an impact on global health. (20%) 3) Discuss the possible ethical issues of the health initiative (20%) (Total mark – 70%) (Word count – 3000 words)


HRM5002 : Performance Improvement and Management in Health and Social Care

Assessment: Report As part of the formal assessment for the programme you are required to submit a case study assessment (70%). Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments. Maximum word count: 3000 words Assignment Task Please review the Mid Staffordshire scandal as was featured in the links below 4/0947.pdf Use the information to answer the following questions. Question 1 Discuss the different financial and non-financial performance measures that could have been used to identify the failings at Mid Stafford. (35%) Question 2 Analyse how…


HSN701 Principles of Nutrition – Assignment

Requirements: Written report (2000 words) plus a 1 minute video summary Assignment Due: Thursday 11 January by 11:59pm (Melbourne Time) Assessment weighting: Written report: worth 35% of your final unit grade. Video summary: worth 5% of your final unit grade Assignment details The purpose of this assignment is to:  become familiar with an emerging, topical and relevant nutritional issue in Australia;  learn to search for, and critique, peer-reviewed scientific literature;  assist in developing your nutrition communication skills. You have been employed as a nutrition consultant by a food company that is interested in adding new ingredients to their…

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