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STAKEHOLDER MAPPING  Stakeholders basically are the people or groups that are interested in a company. The company influences them by its activities and they influence the business in return. The stakeholders of Reliance limited can significantly influence the strategic direction of a company. The company must addresses to the interest of stakeholders as it can influence their perception about the company, its products and services and most importantly its brand name. STAKEHOLDER GROUPS OF RELIANCE LIMITED: Reliance limited has a wide variety of stakeholders, having significant impact on various activities of business. The following are the stakeholder group of reliance limited:…


Expectancy Theory Of Motivation !

INTRODUCTION: Everyone wants to be more productive.To be more productive we need motivation. Motivation helps in doing such things, which seems impossible to us. Motivation is influencing someone to do something. Our social researchers are trying to find out what stimulates our behavior,how and why. There are different theories of motivation like Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, Herzberg’s Motivation Theory, Porter and lawler’s Expectancy Theory, Argyri’s Theory. Here Expectancy Theory of motivation is being discussed. MEANING: The Expectancy Theory was introduced by Victor Vroom. Vroom’s theory emphasize on outcomes not on needs unlike Hrzberg and Maslow. The Expectancy theory…


Resistance to change !

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: In today’s dynamic business world change is a necessity of time. The term ‘Change’ refers to modifications, alterations or shift in the present working environment or condition for the better future. The importance of change within the organization is equally important. The need for change within the organization arises from various factors i.e. from point of view of technology, external business environment, legal regulations etc. These changes can be structural changes or cultural changes occurring in work environment. Any changes occurred in workplace of an organization for managing its new business process is known as organizational change FORCES OF…



 INTRODUCTION: Social networking is basically defined as use of social media platforms to make connections with friends, family and other relatives by sitting anywhere in the world. In today’s modern business world, we all have access to mobile phones, tabs, laptops and especially internet almost every time and everywhere.  Thus it comes quite impossible for us to spend our day without interacting with some form of social media. The growth of social media has tremendously changed the way people communicate with each other. It mainly includes sites such as Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, LinkedIn and many more.  Along with the advancing the…


Organizational structure – Assignment help !

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE – AN OVERVIEW: Structural implementation of strategy involves designing of organization structure and to interlink the various units of organization resulted from such structural design. Organizational structure is a pattern which helps in determining how the various organizational parts are inter-related to one another. It consists of activities such as allocation of task, supervision and coordination etc. which are directed towards achieving the ultimate goal of organization. Simply stated, the structure designates formal reporting relationship and also defines the levels of hierarchy. Thus, organizational structure basically involves issues as to how the work will be divided among different departments…

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