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    3806NRS is a course in professional nursing practice that aims to prepare nursing students to become competent and ethical registered nurses. The course provides an introduction to the nursing profession and the core concepts that underpin professional nursing practice.

    During the course, students will learn about the history and evolution of the nursing profession, the nursing code of ethics, and the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern nursing practice. They will also explore the roles and responsibilities of registered nurses in various healthcare settings, including acute care, community care, and aged care.

    Students will learn about the key concepts of patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, and interprofessional collaboration, and how these concepts inform nursing practice. They will also develop their skills in critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and problem-solving, and learn how to apply these skills in clinical practice.

    The course emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, and leadership in nursing practice. Students will learn about effective communication strategies, conflict resolution, and the principles of leadership in healthcare. They will also explore the impact of cultural diversity on nursing practice and the importance of cultural competence in providing patient-centered care.

    Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in simulated and clinical settings. They will work collaboratively with patients, families, and interdisciplinary healthcare teams to provide safe and quality care, and will reflect on their experiences to inform their nursing practice.

    Overall, 3806NRS is an important course for nursing students as it provides a strong foundation for professional nursing practice. It equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become competent and ethical registered nurses, and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of contemporary healthcare practice.

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