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    The following provides some guidance on the requirements of coursework 1 for 7136SOH Transforming Healthcare Business Case Project which you will developed with tutorial support from your project supervisor.

    The purpose of the individual presentation is to establish that you have identified a healthcare management problem and analysed its underlying cause(s), using relevant literature and management tools to determine the relevance and viability of your business case project.

    Coursework 1:  20-minute Individual Presentation (10 credits)

    You will be required to prepare and submit the following demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes 1, 2 and 3:

    A an individual 20-minute audio-recorded PowerPoint presentation, ± 2 minutes and no more than 12 slides, providing an overview of your analysis and evaluation of the health care management problem/issue, defining it using management theory/ tools, the underlying root cause(s), stakeholder analysis, providing justification for why it should be prioritised as a management problem and addressing ethical issues. The audio-recorded PowerPoint presentation will also assess your presentation skills and ability to convince a Health Board on need for your proposed business case project.

    The information should clearly demonstrate:

    • Critical analysis and evaluation of the healthcare management problem/issue.
    • Critical evaluation of the management problem using management tools.
    • Critical evaluation of the management problem, providing justification why it should be prioritised considering ethical issues.

    The presentation will be an audio-recording embedded into each PowerPoint slide and this should fully complement the materials contained within it, which should be designed professionally.  Please remember that in a presentation of 12 slides it will be difficult to contain all the information about the healthcare management problem, but to prioritise key information that demonstrates your depth of knowledge and level of thinking.   

    Intended Module Learning Outcomes to be achieved in this coursework are:  

    1. Critically analyse a current practice-based management problem or issue, which impacts upon patient care or health care delivery, critically appraising the evidence to justify the need for the project
    2. Critically demonstrate understanding of the ethical issues involved in addressing the management problem and undertaking the business case project, and in so doing gain the necessary ethical approval and first stage approval to proceed to implementation.
    3. Critically justify the business case project orally

    Structure of the Presentation

    It is important to carefully consider the content and format of the presentation. Information should be clear and concise.  You should consider the needs of the audience (Health Board) who should be able to follow and understand the content of your presentation and justification for decisions reached.

    The presentation must not exceed 12 slides, including reference slides and any additional slides that are included will not be marked.  The first slide must include a clear title of the project, with your name, student ID number, module code and title and course name.   The second slide is likely to offer the aims or outline of the presentation.   The penultimate slide will offer a conclusion and recommendations.   The final slide will provide a reference list of all citations referred to in the presentation.

    The audio-recording of the narration embedded into each slide should in total be 20 minutes (± 2 minutes).   The information delivered should be appropriately paced, complementing the material used on the slide.  Do not overestimate how much you can deliver in 20 minutes, remember too much information will be overwhelming for your audience in the timeframe.    Prepare a presentation with impact, so that key messages are given.

    Your presentation should begin with information about yourself and brief background related to the module and must include your name and student ID number.   This will be followed by an introduction and aims of the presentation, outlining the proposed structure to guide the audience.  At the end you will need to summarise the main points and reach some form of conclusion/recommendations related to the management problem.

    The main part of the presentation (slides 3-10) will demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes 1 to 3.

    The presentation should make reference to seminal journal articles from the academic literature, grey literature and policy documents in identifying the problem or issue using management theories and tools and also providing a justification for why it should be prioritised as a healthcare management problem. The references used should be cited at per APA Reference style, on the relevant slide.  In addition the final slide will provide the reference list of citations. This should adhere to the Coventry University Guide to Referencing in APA style.

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