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    Task and Mark distribution:
    This Portfolio involves analysing a given multivariate dataset using linear regression models and multivariate statistical methods. You are encouraged to explore the topic, use your initiative, and show some originality, within the time available. Ensure that you clearly reference any sources you have used.

    There are two tasks in this portfolio: a group task and an individual task. The word limit is a maximum rather than a target and should be split approximately equally across the group and individual tasks.

    (1) For the group task, each group of three or four students will work together on a single report. Only one member of the group should submit one group report (e.g. as a single Microsoft Word document) on behalf of the whole group. Please clearly state (in your report) how each group member has contributed to this group task.

    (2) For the individual task, please submit one individual report (e.g. as a single Microsoft Word document), clearly organised by subtask. For the individual task, no collaboration with other students is permitted.

    Make sure you include any R code, and selected output and plots, directly in each report. You must not submit a zip file. You must not submit a Jupyter notebook (but you can print a Jupyter notebook to a PDF file and submit the PDF file). Concentrate on producing a clear and concise answer to each subtask and addressing the module learning outcome (ILO2) above.

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