ACCA7015 Data Mining & Visualisation

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Data Mining & Visualisation Assignment help


You are to find and analyse a dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository
( with at least 15 attributes ( or variables).
You should write, present and record on video a 20-minute presentation about the data including discussion
of the following:
• origin and content.
• suitability of dataset for analysis;
• What you are hoping to find within it;
• Why you feel you have the necessary background knowledge to be able to understand the data in
You should also create a one-page summary of the information presented (a reference should be placed on
second page).
Marks will be awarded for:
• Presentation (10%)
• Description of the dataset (50%)
• Suitability of the dataset (30%)
• The objectives of the analysis (10%)

Upload created slides your presentation as a zipped file to Moodle via the appropriate link. The video itself
should be uploaded to YouTube and the URL of the video included in the summary sheet. The summary
sheet (but not the assignment specification) should be submitted via Turnitin.
Nb. When sharing a video via YouTube you must verify your YouTube account or the video will not display.

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