ACS1803 – Introduction to infACS1803 – Introduction to information system & operational report IT assignment helpormation system & operational report IT assignment help

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    From the above database, design formal reports, with appropriate headings, according to the requirements above. Each report will be on a new page and will contain some data from the above database in appropriate format.

    Design the output (including layout and information details) for one (1) operational report and one (1) managerial report.

    In designing your reports focus on the characteristics of the report and the audience you are servicing. You may make assumptions on any additional data that may provide more meaningful information – so long as you state your assumptions.

    Describe (point form) each of the two types of reports in terms of how the information is used to support the decisions by each level of management.

    ACS1803 – Introduction to information system & operational report IT assignment help

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