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Student Assessment Information Pack

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Student Assessment Information Pack Assignment help What is the purpose of this document? The Student Pack is the document you, the student, needs to complete to demonstrate competency. This document includes the context and conditions of your assessment, the tasks to be completed by you and an outline of the evidence to be gathered. The information [...]

7135CEM – Modelling and Optimisation under Uncertainty

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7135CEM Assignment Help Modelling and Optimisation under Uncertainty Assignment help Context During this module, you learned about different advanced machine learning techniques, associated concepts and applications. We explored the Gaussian process model, which is computationally efficient method for Regression, Classification, optimization, etc. We have also covered the Bayesian networks as promising tools for modelling the data [...]

TECH1200 Fundamentals of Programming

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TECH1200 Assignment Help Fundamentals of Programming Assignment help Assessment Description This assessment aims to evaluate students' ability to interpret program specifications, produce a high-level model using pseudocode and flow charts, and transfer that model into a software application using Python 3 language. To accomplish this, students will be provided with a case study that involves calculating [...]

CMS3508 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

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CMS3508 Assignment Help Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security Assignment help Assignment Title Assignment Aims Aim: to explore and evaluate the use of supervised machine learning to identify cyber attacks through network data. Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of Artificial Intelligence technology and its application in cyber security. Critically [...]

MGT502 Business Communication

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MGT502 Assignment Help Business Communication Assignment help Assessment Task Select 10 resources on a topic related to communication and write a 1500-word annotated bibliography summarizing the central theme and scope of the resources. Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task. Context Creating an annotated bibliography calls for the application of [...]

Information Retrieval 7071CEM

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7071CEM  Assignment Help Information Retrieval  Assignment help Tasks: There are two tasks in this coursework. You can use any general purpose programming language of your choice to perform these tasks. However, Python is recommended. The tasks are specified next. Task 1. Search Engine Develop a vertical search engine similar to Google Scholar, but specialised to retrieve [...]

COIT20263 Information Security Management

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COIT20263 Assignment Help Information Security Management Assignment help Objectives This assessment task relates to Unit Learning Outcome 2 and must be done individually. In this assessment task, you will analyse the scenario given on page 3 and develop guidelines for the specified policy for the hospital given in the scenario. Assessment Task You are required to [...]

Research Methods and Professional Development ACFA7004

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ACFA7004 Assignment Help Research Methods and Professional Development Assignment help 1. Engagement with Literature Skills Your work must be informed and supported by scholarly material that is relevant to and focused on the task(s) set; you should make use of scholarly reviews and primary sources, as appropriate (for example, refereed research articles and/or original materials appropriate [...]

Developing Enterprise LCBS5058

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LCBS5058 Assignment Help Developing Enterprise  Assignment help In assignment 2, individuals will be asked to draw on and apply their newly developed skills and apply them to different business enterprise models and to their own enterprise solutions, feedback in the form of an individual presentation – video recording. Using the core information from the Assignment 1 [...]

CP60019E, CP6HA19E Component Software Development

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CP60019E, CP6HA19E Assignment Help Component Software Development Assignment help Title Design and Implementation Task details This assignment is accompanied with a case study describing a high level system specification for an application. Consider the following information and attempt the tasks given. Repeat prescriptions may automatically be produced by the system if appropriate and are available for [...]