BIOS1037 Human Development And Disease Across The Lifespan

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    BIOS1037 is a course that focuses on the study of human development and disease across the lifespan. The course covers the biological, psychological, and social factors that influence human growth and development, as well as the common diseases and health conditions that occur at different stages of life.

    The course typically begins with an overview of human development from conception through adulthood, including the physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that occur at each stage. It may then explore the role of genetics and environmental factors in the development of various health conditions and diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

    Throughout the course, students may examine case studies and real-world examples to understand how different diseases and health conditions impact individuals and communities at different stages of life. They may also explore different treatment and prevention strategies, such as lifestyle changes, medications, and therapies.

    By the end of the course, students should have a deeper understanding of the complex factors that influence human development and disease across the lifespan, and be able to apply this knowledge in a variety of contexts, such as healthcare, public health, and research.

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