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    Part a) – Workplace Project Report

    Your workplace project report should provide a comprehensive review of your project. It should take the form of a formal business report that can be presented to all members of your organisation.

    Central to your report should be a review of the processes and a comparison of the outcomes of the project against your plans and goals.

    The exact contents of your workplace project report will vary according to the nature of the project undertaken. Your report should include all of the standard formal business report requirements such as clear and precise executive summary etc., and a critical discussion on all areas that are relevant to your particular project and its execution for example:

    the issue the project investigated
    a brief explanation of the project plan
    methodology used and the extent to which you applied it
    project highlights, disappointments, set-backs, problems
    project outcomes, recommendations and interventions required

    It is expected that at least three academic references will be used to inform your critical discussion.

    This report, also needs to include a section of critical reflections that relate to your learnings, both professionally and personally. The purpose of the critical reflection is to demonstrate your ability to learn from your experiences and draw connections to academic theory. You need to examine the reasons the various events occurred; your successes/failures and consider how your approach might differ in the future.

    Part b) – Workplace Project Presentation

    You are required to formally present your project in the final week of the semester. You are encouraged to invite relevant personnel from your organisation to attend your presentation. Your audience will also consist of fellow students and University staff.
    Please read carefully the following scenario under which you are to present.


    After six months in your current position in your organisation, the senior management team has asked you to provide a presentation outlining the latest project that you have project managed as part of your role in the organisation. Of note, there will be members of your audience who are external consultants to the organisation and not necessarily familiar with the aspects that you will be reporting on.

    Your presentation should provide a succinct overview of the planning, implementation and outcomes of your recently completed project. Your presentation must demonstrate your ability to manage the planning and implementation of a project. It should conclude with a reflection that will demonstrate to the management team of your ability to learn from your experience.

    BSMAN 3193- Applied work place practice system human resource assignment help

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