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Assignment for Bank Financial Management (BANK 3011)

Individual Assignment for Bank Financial Management (BANK 3011) Semester 2, 2017 Due Date: The Assignment is to be submitted no later than 11 October 2017 1 pm. Total Marks for the Assignment: The assignment will be marked out of 100. The marks for each Part and each Question are shown below. In answering each of the questions below you should show your workings and write your answer using a Word document. Assignments must be submitted (Word document) electronically via Turnitin on LMS. Your assignment should include your own cover page (do not use the cover page template) indicating your name, student…


Batch Costing – Assignment help !

BATCH COSTING –AN OVERVIEW: Just like job/order costing, BATCH COSTING is an important form of specific order costing. Job costing is generally defined as a process in which the production is done against specific orders whereas under Batch costing, the manufacturing is done to maintain stock. When orders are received from different customers, there are some common products among the orders. Then production orders for such common products are issued for batches, consisting of predetermined quantity for each type of product. Batch costing method is adopted in this case to determine the cost of each batch. Total cost of batch is…


Job Order Costing – Assignment Help !

JOB/ORDER COSTING: AN OVERVIEW In case of industries where production is done against customer’s order and not for stock, the applicable material, direct labour, direct expenses and some portion of overheads being charged to a job order varies lot. Therefore it is required to keep a separate record for each job or order from the beginning till it is completed. Such cost system is generally referred to as job order costing. It is one of the important methods of cost accounting, whereby the cost of specific quantity of products, services or equipment etc. throughout the production process is compiled or in…


Variance Analysis – Assignment Help !

ANALYSIS OF VARIANCES – AN OVERVIEW: Management has to perform a number of functions such as planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling. Although all the functions are equally important to ensure the smooth functioning of management but controlling is the last and important among all. Controlling function ensures that the performance of organization must confirm to the objectives or plans. Analysis of variances is an important technique that helps in controlling the performance and achieving the overall objectives of the business. The term variance means difference. Standard costing will find its importance only if analysis of variance is done. So, once…


Ratio Analysis – Assignment & Homework help !

RATIO ANALYSIS –AN OVERVIEW: Performance Evaluation forms the basis of the control system of management. Comparison of actual figures with the budgeted figures periodically will help the managers to ascertain the level of performance. Performance evaluation of employees is also important to undertake various decisions relating to their promotion avenues, training requires in future and to fix the salary also. There are various financial measures that can help in performance evaluation of cost, profit and investment centres. Ratio analysis is an important analytical to measure the performance. Ratios help in determining the arithmetic relationship between the two figures or are simply…


Fund Flow Statement – Assignment Help !

FUND FLOW STATEMENT – AN OVERVIEW: Financial statements are the summarized statements of accounting through which an enterprise communicates accounting information to the external users. It basically includes Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. The traditional concept of profit and loss account and balance sheet will only reveals the net effect of various transactions on financial position of a company. The profit and loss account takes into account only the expenses incurred and income received during a particular accounting period whereas the balance sheet gives a summary of the assets and liabilities at a particular period of time. There…


Cash Flow Statement- Homework & Assignment help !

CASH FLOW STATEMENT – AN OVERVIEW: Cash always plays an important role in the entire life of business. It is essential to meet day to day working requirements, long term investment, paying off interest and other expense and also dividend to shareholders. Cash flow on the other hand defined as movement of cash or cash equivalents within the business known as inflow of cash or outside the business known as outflow of cash. The firm is required to make estimates about future needs of cash so as to determine the availability of cash. The actual availability of cash must be compared…


Budgetary control – Assignment help !

BUDGETARY CONTROL – AN OVERVIEW: Budgetary control is basically planned to assist the management in allocation of authority as well as responsibility to aid in making estimates or plans as far ahead as possible, assist the comparison of actual performance with the budgeted estimates and to take suitable remedial actions to remove any deviation in the performance so, that the desired organizational objectives can be achieved. The budgetary control is a continuous process which helps in both the planning and controlling. A budget is a means and budgetary control is the end-result. The essentials of budgetary control include: Establishment of budgets…


Zero Base Budgeting – Assignment Help !

ZERO BASE BUDGETING (ZBB) – AN OVERVIEW: The use of zero base budgeting has become an important managerial tool since 1970’s. It has been widely accepted in the business world as it greatly helps in integrating managerial functions of planning and controlling Conventional budgets are generally prepared on the basis of past performances and actual costs. They are developed on the concept of incrementalism. Under this concept, the cost levels of previous years are often taken as a base to start with and focus their attention on ascertaining changes that are required to make as compared to the previous year. As…


Working Capital Management – Assignment and Homework help !

WORKING CAPITAL – AN OVERVIEW: Finance being the life blood for an organization, every organization needs it both for short term purpose as well as long term purpose. Long term purpose includes funds used to create production facilities such as purchasing plant, building or other fixed assets. It represents the fixed capital of a business. Whereas Short term needs on the other hand includes funds required to finance the current assets such as cash, bank receivables, debtors etc. Thus the capital utilized to meet the short term or current asset requirements of an organization are also termed as working capital requirements….

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