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EF5157 – Financial Statement Analysis – General Mills Vs Kellogg assignment help

Code – EF5157 Assignment Help Subject – Financial Statement Analysis – General Mills Vs Kellogg Financial Management Assignment Help In this project, the randomly created group of learners will develop a final financial analysis of the two organizations working within the same industry.  Each of the students in the group will work on one of the sections.  Later all the sections will be combined. The format of the report and points to be included are clearly mentioned in the question file.  The reference style to be followed is APA.  Upload the project for grading on your classroom blackboard towards the week…


ABC Maritime Inc. is a traditional, privately owned, family-controlled, shipping company | EMM 102 Singapore

ABC Maritime Inc. is a traditional, privately owned, family-controlled, shipping company. Its principal owner, having sold all of his shipping assets, at the top of the shipping cycle, in 2008, is presently considering the possibility of re-entering the shipping industry. In order to establish a  critical mass in his operations, he is interested of acquiring a fleet of at least eight (8) vessels, either in the Dry Bulk, the Container, the Medium Range (MR) Product Tanker or the Liquefied  Petroleum Gas (LPG) Tanker sector (the “Sector”). In order to proceed with this shipping investment and as part of his efforts to…


MA5035 | Assignment Help in Singapore

Subject Code: MA5035 MA5035 Assignment Help in Singapore Questions: 1) Forecasting The NotAnimalLogo Company is in the transport business receiving container deliveries daily. Their business is unpredictable due to the economic slowdown in the region. They have recently learned that with the “exponential smoothing” forecast technique, it would help them to estimate their TEU requirements better. Using the following table with historical data and an alpha of 0.25 (rounding all answers to whole numbers), A) develop a forecast in the table below B) calculate the Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) & Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE) C) comment on the alpha for this forecast D) research on…


EF5157 Fixed Income Securities | Assignment Help in Singapore

Subject Code: EF5157 Subject Name: Fixed Income Securities EF5157 Fixed Income Securities The topics are based on specific market crashes and panics that have occurred in recent years. 1. What caused the market shock/panic and what markets did the shock/panic influence? 2. What knock-on effects/contagion effects did the shock/panic create? 3. Did the market shock/panic reverberate through spot and derivatives markets in an equitable fashion or did any particular abnormalities occur? 4. Once the market panic/crisis occurred, have you identified as to what role speculators had during the entire episode? “You can order EF5157 Fixed Income Securities assignment from our service and…


U25291 Financial Management

Subject Code: U25291 Subject Name: Financial Management Assignment Task Case Study Southsea Flight School offers flying lessons at a small municipal airport. Generally, performance reports are prepared monthly. Mr. Michael, the school’s owner and manager, has been attempting to evaluate performance and control costs using a variance report that compares the planning budget to actual results. Michael prepared the below performance report for June 2019. He is delighted that he was able to deliver 155 lessons in June and the actual profit was £50 above the budget. Michael is planning to expand his business and he is considering the different sources…


25705 Financial Modelling and Analysis

Subject Code: 25705 Subject Name: Financial Modelling and Analysis Task 25705 Financial Modelling and Analysis Summer Session 2018 Case Study The All Ordinaries (AllOrd) contains the 500 largest listed companies on the  AS?. Its volatility represents the broad mar[ket risk in the Australian stock market. In this case study, students will analyse the characteristics of the All Ordinaries Index and forecast its monthly volatility. Several variables related to the All Ordinaries Index are contained in the file “CaseData.xlsx” which can be downloaded from the subject website under “Case Study”. Variable definitions are provided in the data file. Students are encouraged to see[…



Code: FINA2002 Subject: FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS STUDENT GROUP PRESENTATION TOPICS (2015) Students should refer to the Course Profile (Assessment) for specific information in relation to the format of the Group Presentation and the requirement to prepare a single page handout having a particular structure for distribution to class colleagues/learning facilitator at the commencement of the Presentation. As each topic will require the presenting group to undertake research into the topic area, early preparation for this assessment requirement is recommended. PRESENTATION 1 TOPIC – THESE TOPICS ARE TO BE PRESENTED IN TRIMESTER WEEKS 8 AND 9 Student groups are required to…


FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Assessment -02 -Case Study Assessment 2- Scenario Please read the scenarios below and answer the questions or complete the activities that follow. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your trainer. Financial Modelling Scenario 1:  You work for Australian Super, one of Australia’s largest super funds. This Superannuation Fund is committed to passing on all good things that size has to offer. The vision of this organisation is:” Every Australian should have a solid financial future, so our purpose is to help achieve a better retirement outcome for all”. Australian Super is committed to providing quality service…


Finance Basics- Life insurance policy is freely assignable to another party assignment help

This particular assignment is based on the topic –“Life insurance policy is freely assignable to another party”. The student has to explain the types of assignments which are listed below: A.Absolute assignments B.Collateral assignments You receive top quality solutions in your mail box with in promised time frame: The finance is a subject for describing, analysing and managing wealth. But it is not solely concerned with exchanging the money. Finance is the one of the crucial branch of economics which entails to the acquisition, allocation, management and investment of resources. Reading balance sheet, income statement or calculating the ratio is indeed…


Research and Decision Making on Business – Shopping Mall Experience

Below are some guidelines on the various areas you can research on. Note that they are just guidelines. You may find any other relevant areas that would support your research on the topic. You choose the areas you want to focus on. It can be a few  (you DO NOT need to complete all the below areas) of the below, or you may add in some areas you deem relevant. Guidelines on supporting and sub-areas to research: The customer shopping experience: o From customer awareness of needs in shopping o To research on internet, advertisement, etc o To find the retail mails,…