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MGMT 20134 Business Ethcis and Sustainability

Subject:Business Ethcis and Sustainability Code :MGMT 20134   Weighting 40%   Word Guide: 2000-2500 words   Essay Task   Students are required to discuss the following:   Many managers, when working overseas in particular in developing countries, engage in bribery and corruption as a way of securing contracts or ensuring that business transaction occur in a timely fashion. They often argue that whilst they would not engage in such practices in their home country, it is a common accepted practice and part of the culture of many developing countries. Explain what is bribery, corruption and its link to ethics. Examine bribery…


EVN301 Events Policy and Strategy

Code : EVN301 Subject : Events Policy and Strategy This assessment is an opportunity to present your Group Venture Plan (Assessment 3) to an audience of potential investors or perhaps an investment committee, as is often found in large organisations. It will help you to develop your ability to deliver an effective business pitch that convinces others that your idea for a business is a worthy of funding – based on sound, rational business decision making. The key objectives are to ensure the venture plan is presented with the following attributes: 1. Professional presentation materials, using either PowerPoint or Prezi 2….


MGT301A : Ethics and Sustainability!

Introduction The rapid globalization and increasing competition in the market have come up with several challenges and issues for contemporary organizations. The issues are related to an ethical, economic, commercial, social and environmental context of organizations. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to identify and addressing issues so that they do not hinder organizational productivity and growth (Mohan, 2007).  The assignment will include identification of two issues related to contemporary organizations and the ethical framework to address those issues. Identification of Issue 1 Managing Work Force Diversity and Ensuring Fair Selection Process:  With the increasing globalization, employees from different ethical and cultural…


EVN301 Events Policy and Strategy!

Instructions: Your task is to choose a Council’s (or relevant governing body’s) event policy to analyse in relation to an event that has taken place or will take place. You will share your findings in a group post and partake in discussion by commenting on your peer’s analysis. Step1: Choose an event policy You can choose an event policy from the list below or alternatively source your own:  Waverley Council Events Policy  National Capital Authority Events Policy  Warrnambool City Council Events Policy  Liverpool City Council: Event organisers’ information kit & event guidelines  City of Casey Events…


BIZ301 Organizational Creativity and Innovation 

Context: Innovation and creativity are growing in importance, within organisations pursuing excellence and growth, in  a  competitive business world. Organisations use various innovative methods and techniques  to ensure competitive  advantage within their market  place and meet their customer’s needs.  This assessment will encourage students to  explore the methods and approaches undertaken by a leading organisation and to critique a global  brand name.  The aim of this assessment is to identify the success of Apple. Students will identify the attributes of the people, places,products and approaches that have made Apple the  most  valuable company in the world,  with regards to market  capitalisation.  Instructions: Students will review and critique the case study: Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple by  Stefan Thomke and  Barbara Feinberg (2012). It may be helpful to print the case study and highlight useful sections and/or take notes as  you read. The output will be a 1,200 word  report that responds to the following four questions:  1) In the students view, how does innovation and strategy work together at  Apple? 2) Identify the innovation approach Apple has successfully used to identify  customers’ needs, and how did it help  them to continue to stay ahead of the competition? 3) What role did Apple’s people have, in the company constantly coming up with  innovative products, and how did the  culture at Apple encourage/discourage them? 4) What impact did Steve Jobs have on Apple and what did he bring, personally, to the organisation? What was Steve  Jobs view of process and innovation? You have the option of undertaking further reading on Apple, if you wish, in order to  enhance your analysis. Any  additional reading must be properly referenced in your report.   You can order BIZ301  Organisational Creativity and Innovation assignment from our service and receive a completely high-quality custom paper. Our service offers any of the academic papers written from scratch, according to all customers’ specifications, expectations and highest standards.”  


Report – Social Determinants of Health!

Heart disease is one of the significant causes of death in Australia. There are around 43,963 deaths caused in the nation due to the cardiovascular disease. According to a survey, it has found that heart disease kills one Australian in every 12 minutes which shows the danger to the country. Heart disease includes stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy and many more. In Australia, cardiovascular disease is referred to as most significant health issues which need to control for reducing the burden from the economy. From a survey of 2007, it was recorded that half of the deaths in country were due…


BIZ102: Reflective Journal 1

Reflection helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Self-analysis, self-evaluation, etc. are the ways in which an individual can evaluate his or her skills and knowledge. There are other tools, and techniques like online quiz, test and many more are available quickly to the user for providing them proper results and assisting them in collecting more information about themselves (Martin-Raugh, Kell & Motowidlo, 2016). I want to know my emotional intelligence for developing my personality and other skills like communication, interpersonal, etc. In context to this, I have given an emotional intelligence test for knowing my skills in…


The Fair Work Act 2009 and unfair dismissal of employees !

Introduction The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), all the employed population in Australia which works under specific Commonwealth workplace law is entitled to general workplace protection facilities and amenities. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) applies to national system employees and employers of the country(Crowe et al, 2017). The national system employee is defined as the person who is not on a vocational employment but is employed by the national system employer. The employees working in the private sector in South Australia are also considered as national system employees and are also covered Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) entitles…


MGT301A: Ethics and Sustainability

Ethics and Sustainability The ethical dilemma I faced in my workplace was the introduction of a new technology i.e. installation of the self-packaging device which will help in making the packaging process fast, easy and economical. As this new technology is beneficial for the company and clients but if it’s brought into use it will affect the manpower requirement by the company, the employees may get de-motivated because of the idea of losing their job (Curre, 2018). The ethical dilemma I faced here is to keep loyalty towards the employees who have helped the company grow since long and on the…


Unfair dismissal provisions under The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)

“The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) provides all employees with a clear and accessible right to protection from unfair dismissal. The protection it provides give the right balance to the rights of employees and the rights of employers”. Critically discuss. Introduction In the year 2009, the Fair work act was introduced by the Labour government so that they could replace the less popular work choices legislation. The act was divided into two categories, firstly the right of employees and secondly the protection of employees. The fair work act refers to the “moral or legal entitlement to have or do something with…

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