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Using theory, critically reflect upon role of consumers in modern slavery social marketing assignment help

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Subject – Marketing Assignment Help Topic Of Essay: Topic Of Essay: Using theory, critically reflect on the role of consumers in modern slavery. Discuss its key features and how you can create a social marketing campaign to make consumers in Singapore aware of the problems. Assessment Criteria For The Assignment: Critical insight into the role of [...]

MG412 Principles of Marketing Assignment help

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Code: MG412 Subject: Principles of Marketing Coursework 1: Individual report: The 4Ps/marketing mix. Length: 1500 words Assignment Task This assignment assesses your secondary research skills and your ability to follow the rules of academic writing. The topic is the 4Ps (product, price, place and promotion), which is also called the “marketing mix”. You need to compare and contrast [...]

MKT203: Services Marketing Assignment Help

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Code: MKT203 Subject: Services Marketing Your Task You are to assume the role of a marketing consultant and are tasked with conducting a Services marketing strategic analysis of service of your choice. Assessment Description You can choose any possible service client of your choice. This must be different than the organization chosen in assessment-1. Some examples include [...]

BUS106 : Marketing Principles Assignment Help

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Subject Code: BUS106 Subject Name: Marketing Principles Assessment Title: Individual 4P’s Analysis Assessment Type: Slide Deck  Length: 10 slides Your task Individually, you are required to create a slide deck that brings out the traditional marketing mix elements for a product of your choosing. Assessment Description The purpose of this individual assessment is to develop your skills in [...]

MRKT20052 Assessment 2: Marketing Plan

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MRKT20052 Assessment 2: Marketing Plan Students are required to choose ONE of four businesses/products listed in Moodle. These are new products/services which will be introduced into the Australian market early in 2020. This assessment requires students to work individually on their selected business/product to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan with a maximum word limit of [...]

In A Typical Economy, The Bulk Of Income Earners Are Workers Who Earn Income In The Form Of Wages | SUSS | Assignment Help in Singapore

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Question Part A_Case: In a typical economy, the bulk of income earners are workers who earn income in the form of wages. It is in the interest of the government to increase the wages of the workers so that they can have a higher standard of living. Many economies such as the US, Hong Kong and [...]

MKT 203 – Service process mapping and blue printing – Making Process Chart 25%

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Subject Code: MKT203 Subject Name: Services Marketing Assessment Title: Service mapping blueprint Your Task Individually you are required to choose a service brand that you have recently transacted with. Assessment Description The purpose of this individual scenario analysis is to develop students’ skills in applying relevant service marketing analysis tools. This will enable students to apply [...]

MKT300: Strategic Marketing Planning Assignment Help

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Subject Title Strategic Marketing Planning Subject Code MKT300 STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANNING ASSESSMENT BRIEF Selecting one of the organisations that a member of your group submitted for their individual assignment, your task is to focus on the opportunities and develop a strategic marketing plan. Your recommendations for future marketing strategy should demonstrate insight and critical thinking. You [...]

Fundamental of Marketing-Power Point Presentation | Expert Assignment Help

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Huawei’s mobile phone market industry has been badly hit by the recent changes to tariffs and trade policies revised and imposed by the United State of America in May this year, resulting in Huawei’s inability to continue its use of many American-developed mobile apps technology and patents. In your presentation, demonstrate your understanding of the Fundamentals [...]


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Section 1 & 2 (100-150 words max) Brief background and introduction to your product/innovation please include image/figure or sketch of your product if you feel it is necessary to describe the innovation. Most of this information is already with you (This information is there in A1 so need not to be very descriptive, be short and [...]