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Huawei’s mobile phone market industry has been badly hit by the recent changes to tariffs and trade policies revised and imposed by the United State of America in May this year, resulting in Huawei’s inability to continue its use of many American-developed mobile apps technology and patents. In your presentation, demonstrate your understanding of the Fundamentals of Marketing by discussing the following questions: a) How can Huawei continue to create Value for its customers, despite the current setback? b) Moving forward, explain how Huawei could re-strategize and strengthen its Marketing Plans to remain competitive. c) Recommendations: In your opinion, do you…



Section 1 & 2 (100-150 words max) Brief background and introduction to your product/innovation please include image/figure or sketch of your product if you feel it is necessary to describe the innovation. Most of this information is already with you (This information is there in A1 so need not to be very descriptive, be short and to the point). Section 3 &4 – Market and customers, Market Size and Trend (250-300 words + figures & tables) Specify total market potential and customers, show the market trend and extrapolate the future market. Section 5 Target Market & Customer. (200 words + Tables…


HC2112 Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing

Subject Code: HC2112 Subject Title: Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing Part 1: Short case study – 2 questions. Each question is worth 10 marks. Total: 20 marks (1000 words for 2 questions) 1. Analyse the “Gangnam style” case using the 5 Ws (Who, What, How, Where, When) model in the integrated marketing communications planning process. 2. Watch the “Gangnam style” video. Explain how the communications content adds value to consumers of Psy’s music. What impact does content have on the video’s success? Gangnam Style video can be found on this link: Part 2: Individual report – 15 marks (2000 words) Choose…


MKT600 Marketing assignment

Subject Code:  MKT600  Title: Marketing Assessment 1: Situation Analysis Length: 2000 words   How the assessment fits into the subject/course: Marketing in the 21st Century has profoundly evolved and is a critical component of business administration. The design of marketing plans is integral to business organisation and the assessment for this subject aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge of developing effective marketing strategies. This assessment requires the students to analyse market trends before developing a marketing strategy. There is a short scenario for students to address the assessment tasks. Linkages between Assessments 1 and 2: Assessment 1…


MKG721: Food Marketing

Code: MKG721 Title: Food Marketing Assessment Task 1: Emerging industry sector analysis Goal: The purpose of this task is for you to analyse and interpret data to assess the challenges and opportunities facing an emerging sector of the food industry (e.g. plant-based foods, alternative proteins, “free-from” foods, functional foods, etc.).   Product: Written report.     Format: This is an individual assessment of 1000 words. Please see Blackboard for more information. Criteria •   identification and analysis of challenges and opportunities   •   quality and relevance of research       •   communication and presentation of report Generic skill assessed   Skill assessment…


MKT103A: Integrated Marketing Communications

Title: Integrated Marketing Communications Code: MKT103A  Assessment 1: Influencer Reflection Analysis Length: 1000 words Context The world of marketing is changing. As marketers, we rely on a wide variety of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tools. These have progressed and expanded from what is now considered traditional forms of marketing, to new ways and methods of creating communication. These new methods are based on influencing our target audience through people/videos/blogs and not just ad campaigns. Of course, how and why these forms of communication work will always depend on your target audience. This assessment is designed to introduce you to understanding influencer…



MBA9_SMKT_ASG_2018 STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT   ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS Background information: “Capitec Bank has become the third biggest bank in South Africa in terms of customer numbers, having shot past FNB and now Nedbank in the rankings. In its interim results for the six months ended August 2016, Capitec reported that it had increased its active clients to 7.9 million – up 1.2 million from the 6.7 million reported in 2015. “This growth was attributed to a combination of increased branch distribution in key malls and a strong brand proposition of simplified banking and value for money, the bank said” (BusinessTech, 2016,…


BUS710: Marketing in an International Environment

BUS710: Marketing in an International Environment    Researching for an International Market Word count: 1800 words Task 1 BUS710 Marketing in an International Environment: Researching for an international market You will prepare a report for a real and current organisation, that is specifically focused on one of their brands or products (may also be a service), that analyses, based on research, the macro and microenvironment in a totally new international marketplace for the business. The report will provide a foundation for your marketing plan and later assessments. Your lecturer can assist you with your choice of organisation. Instructions: The report should…


Assessment item 1 : Country/Product Opportunity Brief

Assessment item 1 Country/Product Opportunity Brief Value: 25% Length: 2,000 words maximum Submission method options: Alternative submission method Task You are expected to research market opportunities, and develop a ‘Country/Product Opportunity Brief’ highlighting the opportunities and challenges that exist for product/service entry into a country of your choosing in Asia. The objective of developing a country/product brief is to identify international marketing opportunities in your focus market for an existing Australian organisation and complete the early sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan. The selected company may be considering (a) entering a new country, or (b) considering the entry of a new product/service to…


CMU202 Marketing Communications

Code: CMU202  Subject: Marketing Communications Individual Assignment Instructions Type: Individual Report. Task Description: Select a well-known brand that you are familiar with. You could choose one from the Banking, Airline, Hospitality, Fashion, Automotive, Technology or FMCG industries. Undertake individual research and complete both Part A and Part B of the assignment. Submit both parts on to Turn-It-In as one file. Part A: Research assignment Research and write a 2,000-word individual report that uses a selected reputable brand to describe and analyse brand elements, brand equity, the brand’s market positioning, brand loyalty activities, potential threats to the brand. Suggested Report Format • Brief…

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