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subject code: BUS201 Subject Name: Skills for Workplace Success Your Task : Nick Phillips has requested that your Human Resources Consulting Firm (3-4 people) to submit a proposal to assist his company. The proposal needs to address the following issues: • The importance of having an appropriate organizational structure as the company grows; • What can be done about decreasing bullying behaviour in the workplace? • How to create a positive workplace culture that embraces and respects multiculturalism and diversity. This also includes promoting an ethical workplace. Case Study Report: A medium-size financial services consulting firm, Phillips Financial Services, has been…


COIT20251 Assessment 1 e-Journal Assignment Help

Subject Code – COIT20251 Assignment Help Assessment 1 e-Journal Assignment Help Knowledge audits for business analysis Assessment Due Date: Week 5 Friday (16 August 2019) 11.59 pm AEST Weighing: 30% Word Limit: 2,500 words Objectives • Understand the core competencies of a Business Analyst • Understand the skills that should be developed • Identify the need for external and internal environment analysis • Explore tools and techniques for requirements elicitation and reporting Learning Outcomes Assessed  Critically review knowledge management approaches to the implementation of enterprise systems within an organisation and any issues that may arise. This assessment task is also…



HC1031 Assignment Help Part A: This should be no more than 500 words Choose a specific incident from your life where you have used the four primary management functions of Planning, Organizing, Leadership and Controlling. Analyze the incident and describe the main areas where you used each of these 4 management functions. Reflect on how effective your management of this task/incident was and which areas you would change if you had the opportunity to manage the same thing again and why. You should draw on concepts covered in the course and use the following headings to present your review: Selected Incident: Provide…


A Simplified Remote Invocation Framework: Assignment help

The Assignment 1 Specification and Marking Criteria A Simplified Remote Invocation Framework Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation, reference Chapter 5 of the textbook and Week-3 lecture) enables the local invocation and remote invocation use the same syntax to implement a generic remote server like the Compute Engine example in Week-3 lecture slides. However, Java RMI needs 2 HTTP servers to transfer Java classes between a RMI client and a RMI server at runtime. In addition, Java RMI applications need a RMI Registry to register or look up the remote objects. In this assignment, you are to implement a remote invocation framework…


MKT600 Marketing assignment

Subject Code:  MKT600  Title: Marketing Assessment 1: Situation Analysis Length: 2000 words   How the assessment fits into the subject/course: Marketing in the 21st Century has profoundly evolved and is a critical component of business administration. The design of marketing plans is integral to business organisation and the assessment for this subject aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge of developing effective marketing strategies. This assessment requires the students to analyse market trends before developing a marketing strategy. There is a short scenario for students to address the assessment tasks. Linkages between Assessments 1 and 2: Assessment 1…


MGT600: Management, People and Teams

Subject Code: MGT600 Title: Management, People and Teams Assessment Reflective Analysis Length Up to 750 words Context: Self-awareness creates an opportunity for further development and personal success. This reflective analysis is designed for you to explore the subject’s introductory content and importantly, identify how it relates to your own experiences and how you may use it in the future Instructions: You are required to write a short reflective report covering the content in the first three weeks, that is, all of module one and the first half of module two. More specifically:  Module 1.1 – The nature of organisations, the…


MGT607 Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Subject Code: MGT607 Title:  Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assessment 1: Case Study Analysis Length Up to 1000 words Context: Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship can come in many different forms and be successful for many reasons. As such, being able to recognise these will broaden your understanding and appreciation for the important role of entrepreneurship and innovation in society today. This assessment requires students to critically analyse a case study utilising the theory learnt in Module 1 and Module 2. It is important you draw on the concepts of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and link them to the case study to support your…


COS30020 Web Application Development

Assignment requirement specifications: The aim of this assignment is to create a job posting system. This system will allow users to enter details about a job vacancy, and saved into a text file. These postings can also be searched using various criteria and all matched postings will be displayed on a web browser. For this assignment, you will need to create all the appropriate HTML, CSS, PHP and text files. As with lab activities, you should save and test all your HTML, CSS and PHP files on Mercury in a directory “~/cos30020/www/htdocs/assign1”. The text data file “jobs.txt” should be in the…


BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Help

BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assignment Brief Scenario The Board of Directors and the CEO have decided to implement an e-commerce strategy to maintain or increase market share and revenue and satisfy customer needs in line with company strategic directions. You have been hired as an external consultant to manage operational planning activities for e-commerce strategy. Under the strategy, would offer all products in an online store. Stock could be stored at no extra cost at existing stores. Customers would cover delivery costs. Currently,  but this website lacks e-commerce functionality. The website would need to be redeveloped to incorporate this functionality in…


COIT202259 Enterprise Computing Architecture

Subject – Enterprise Computing Architecture Code – COIT202259 Research Report In this assignment, we have to prepare a research report on the topic “Major Enterprise Computing Architecture”. The report’s length should be around 2500 words excluding the reference list. The research report has to critically review the existing enterprise computing platforms which include JAVA EE, .NET and the Cloud. The report must be divided into five sections. First is a short introduction to enterprise computing and the technologies available for it. Then interpret the reason why a layered model of the enterprise software application is beneficial. After that write about service-oriented architecture and…

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