COIT11237, Database design & Implementation Assignment Help

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    This assignment consists of the following parts:

    Part A – SQL queries

    Part B – Form development activity

    Part C – Report development activity

    Students are expected to complete all parts.

    Important notes:

    You must use the Microsoft Access database provided for this assignment. The required database can be downloaded from the MOODLE unit website.

     Regular access to a system running Microsoft Access is required for this assignment.

    This assignment is an individual piece of work. Discussing the assignment with other students is encouraged; however, the document you submit for this assignment must be an individual piece of work, produced by you.

    This assignment due date is Friday, Week 5. The sample solution will be released on Friday, Week 7. A penalty of 5% of total marks “Per Calendar Day” will apply to late submissions. Submissions made after release of the sample solution will receive ZERO marks.

    A late penalty can be avoided by applying for an extension before the due date through MOODLE unit website.

    An electronic submission is required for Parts B and C of this assignment. After making your submission, download your submitted file to check it has not been corrupted. Before submission, check you have met all criteria in the marking sheet.

    Part A – SQL queries (24 marks)

    We would like you to complete an online quiz in which you will write SQL queries. You will be randomly allocated questions. You can attempt the quiz as many times as you like.

    You need to submit an Access database containing your SQL queries. Develop your queries in Access and then copy and paste your SQL into the quiz.

    Each of your queries should be appropriately named in Access. Each query name should include the prefix qry. Also include the question number and meaningful keywords in the query name, e.g., qry1LangPark.

    Your mark will be determined by your highest grade. You will receive feedback as soon as you submit. You are encouraged to re-attempt the quiz until you have received full marks. If you are marked incorrect for an answer that you think is correct, please read the feedback and then discuss the question with your lecturer or email Jamie:

    Using the database provided, write SQL queries that satisfy the following information requests.

    Your queries should produce the expected result (including column names, grouping, duplicate removal, and ordering) shown in each information request.

    Your queries must order the result as requested. If the information request does not mention a required ordering, your query does not need to order the result.

     Where appropriate, your queries must remove duplicates from the result.

    Simple, efficient queries are preferred. Marks may be lost for unnecessarily complex or inefficient queries.

    Part B – Form development activity (3 marks)

    Using the database provided, develop a form name frmPartBBuilding that allows you to easily access the details for a building.

    The form should at least display the building name, flat type code, flat number, building number (number_first), street locality PID, postcode, longitude and latitude. The longitude and latitude can be displayed in a subform.

    Make it easy for the user to modify or enter details:

    Provide a drop-down combo-box of flat type codes.

    Include a sub-form that shows all other buildings in the same street. Hint: define your own link that relates the Street Locality PIDs.

    Part C – Report development activity (3 marks)

    Using the database provided and Microsoft Access, create a report of offences named rptPartCLocalities. Your report should include a report header with the date and your name, a page header with column headings, a sub-total of the number of buildings in each locality, a grand-total of the number of buildings and page numbering. A sample report for this part is shown below and your report must resemble it:

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