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    COMM141 focuses on developing essential English skills for effective communication. These skills are crucial for expressing thoughts, ideas, and information clearly and professionally. Here are some essential English skills covered in COMM141:

    1. Grammar and Syntax: Understanding the rules of grammar and syntax helps in constructing grammatically correct sentences and organizing thoughts logically. This includes proper sentence structure, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and punctuation usage.
    2. Vocabulary Development: Expanding vocabulary enhances communication by enabling the use of precise and varied words. COMM141 may cover strategies for building vocabulary, learning new words, and using context clues to determine word meanings.
    3. Reading Comprehension: Developing strong reading comprehension skills involves understanding main ideas, identifying supporting details, and making inferences from written text. Critical reading skills, such as analyzing arguments and evaluating sources, may also be covered.
    4. Writing Skills: Effective writing skills are essential for clear and persuasive communication. COMM141 may cover techniques for organizing ideas, writing coherent paragraphs and essays, and developing a clear and concise writing style. It may also address citation and referencing guidelines.
    5. Speaking and Presentation Skills: COMM141 may focus on improving verbal communication skills, including clarity of speech, pronunciation, and public speaking. Students may learn techniques for structuring presentations, delivering messages effectively, and engaging with audiences.
    6. Listening Skills: Active listening is crucial for effective communication. COMM141 may cover strategies for improving listening comprehension, such as note-taking, summarizing information, and responding appropriately to verbal cues.
    7. Interpersonal Communication: Developing interpersonal communication skills is important for interactions in various contexts. This may include understanding nonverbal cues, active listening, empathy, conflict resolution, and effective communication in diverse settings.

    By focusing on these essential English skills, COMM141 aims to equip students with the necessary tools to communicate effectively in academic, professional, and personal settings. Regular practice, feedback, and engagement in real-world communication scenarios are integral to enhancing these skills.

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