COMP2782 Social And Information Networks

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    Social And Information Networks Assignment help

    COMP2782 is a course on social and information networks. This course covers the study of networks, focusing on the analysis of the relationships between individuals, organizations, and information flows.

    The course explores the principles and models of social networks, including network topology, centrality measures, clustering, and community detection. Students will learn about various network analysis techniques, including random graph models, graph visualization, and network dynamics. They will also learn about different types of social networks, such as online social networks, mobile networks, and collaboration networks.

    The course also covers the analysis of information networks, including the structure of the World Wide Web, web search algorithms, and social media analytics. Students will learn how to use tools such as Python and R to perform network analysis, data visualization, and machine learning on social and information networks.

    Overall, this course provides students with a deep understanding of the theories and applications of social and information networks. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to apply network analysis techniques to solve real-world problems related to social and information networks.

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