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    ENG 200 is a course code that stands for “Rhetoric and Research.” This course is typically offered at the college or university level and focuses on developing skills in writing, critical thinking, and research.

    The course covers a range of topics related to rhetoric and research, including the principles of argumentation, the structure of research papers, and the use of evidence to support claims.

    Some of the topics that may be covered in a course on rhetoric and research include:

    • Rhetorical strategies: Students learn about the different rhetorical strategies that writers use to make persuasive arguments, such as logos, ethos, and pathos.
    • Argumentation: Students learn about the principles of argumentation, including the use of evidence, counterarguments, and logical fallacies.
    • Research methods: Students learn about different research methods and how to conduct research effectively, including how to find and evaluate sources, take notes, and organize research materials.
    • Writing research papers: Students learn how to structure and write research papers, including the use of different citation styles and the importance of clear and concise writing.
    • Presentation skills: Students learn how to present their research effectively, including how to use visual aids and deliver an engaging presentation.

    Overall, the goal of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to conduct research, make persuasive arguments, and communicate effectively in writing and speaking. By developing these skills, students can become more effective communicators, both in their academic and professional lives. Additionally, by learning how to conduct research and evaluate sources, students can become more informed and critical consumers of information in a world that is increasingly reliant on data and research.

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