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    ENGL1102, English Composition II, is a course that builds upon the foundational skills developed in English Composition I. It focuses on advanced writing and critical thinking skills, with an emphasis on argumentation and research. Here are some key components of the course:

    1. Advanced Writing Skills: ENGL1102 aims to enhance students’ writing skills by focusing on more complex writing tasks. Students learn to develop and refine their writing style, improve sentence structure, and use rhetorical devices effectively to engage their readers.
    2. Argumentation and Persuasion: The course emphasizes argumentative writing, teaching students how to construct and support persuasive arguments. Students learn to analyze and evaluate evidence, develop logical reasoning, and use rhetorical strategies to persuade their audience.
    3. Research and Information Literacy: ENGL1102 introduces students to research methodologies, including finding and evaluating sources, conducting effective literature reviews, and integrating research findings into their writing. Students learn to use appropriate citation styles and understand ethical considerations in academic research.
    4. Critical Thinking and Analysis: The course promotes critical thinking skills by encouraging students to analyze and interpret texts from various perspectives. Students learn to identify and evaluate assumptions, recognize logical fallacies, and develop evidence-based arguments.
    5. Genre and Discourse Analysis: ENGL1102 may explore different genres of writing, such as essays, research papers, opinion pieces, and editorials. Students learn to analyze and adapt their writing to meet the expectations and conventions of specific genres and discourse communities.
    6. Revision and Editing: The course emphasizes the importance of revision and editing in the writing process. Students learn strategies for revising their work, including peer review, self-editing, and addressing feedback from instructors.
    7. Critical Reading and Annotation: ENGL1102 promotes advanced reading skills, teaching students how to critically read and annotate complex texts. Students learn to identify main ideas, analyze rhetorical strategies, and engage in thoughtful discussions about the readings.

    Through a combination of writing assignments, readings, discussions, and workshops, ENGL1102 helps students further develop their writing, research, and critical thinking abilities. The course prepares students for academic writing tasks in college and beyond, fostering effective communication and analytical skills.

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