ENGL117 Introduction To Cultural Theory

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    ENGL117 Introduction to Cultural Theory is a course that explores the ways in which culture shapes our understanding of the world. The course covers a range of theoretical approaches to the study of culture, including Marxism, feminism, postcolonialism, and queer theory.

    Through a combination of readings, discussions, and critical analysis, students learn how to apply these theoretical frameworks to different cultural texts, such as literature, film, and popular culture. They also learn how to critically evaluate cultural practices and institutions, and how to consider the impact of cultural representations on different communities.

    The course emphasizes the importance of cultural context and historical analysis in understanding cultural practices and phenomena. It encourages students to critically reflect on their own cultural assumptions and biases, and to consider the ways in which cultural power structures shape our understanding of the world.

    Overall, ENGL117 Introduction to Cultural Theory is an important course for anyone interested in exploring the ways in which culture shapes our identities, values, and beliefs. The skills learned in this course can help students develop a more critical and nuanced understanding of cultural practices and representations, and enhance their ability to engage in meaningful cultural critique.

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