EVN301 Events Policy and Strategy

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    Code : EVN301

    Subject : Events Policy and Strategy

    This assessment is an opportunity to present your Group Venture Plan (Assessment 3) to an audience of potential investors or perhaps an investment committee, as is often found in large organisations. It will help you to develop your ability to deliver an effective business pitch that convinces others that your idea for a business is a worthy of funding – based on sound, rational business decision making. The key objectives are to ensure the venture plan is presented with the following attributes: 1. Professional presentation materials, using either PowerPoint or Prezi 2. A consistent flow of information, from problem definition to the proposed outcomes of the venture plan, including financial rationale 3. A strong value proposition 4. A group dynamic and the communication skills necessary to present to a professional investor group
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    This assessment is the culmination of your learning this term and provides the opportunity for the group to demonstrate an understanding of, and ability to apply, all of the theories, concepts, and ideas.
    You need to develop a dynamic, interactive group presentation that uses clear and concise language and a logical flow of ideas. The aim is to convince someone to invest money and therefore, you need to be as compelling as possible. The entire venture plan needs to be explained and all of your learning this term should be on display.
    Output and deliverable parameters of the assessment:
    Content of Venture Plan presentation:
     An “opener” (engage the audience)  All elements of the venture plan  Closing tag line – why this idea/venture is worth investing in
     Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi to be submitted via Blackboard  Online students will agree their method of presentation with the learning facilitator in advance. Ideally, online students will be able to come together to film a presentation which is uploaded via the assessment link. Alternatively, one group member may film themselves, before sending the file to the next group member to add their section. With both of these methods, the use of supporting materials (e.g. PowerPoint) is still encouraged  If accepted in advance, alternative and creative ways of making the presentation will be rewarded  No more than 15 slides
    Submission Instructions:
    Online students are to create a PowerPoint, Prezi or like presentation and load it to Blackboard for the learning facilitator to review. The first slide of the presentation should outline which students are speaking to which slides. As a group, you are to record your presentations using Zoom. Instructions will be found under Assessment 3 information . The learning facilitator will review your PowerPoints, at the same time they view the Zoom
    recording. Please announce yourself as you start your presentation and then introduce your next team member, so the learning facilitator is clear, as to which student is speaking.
    Face-to-face students will present in class, referring to the presentation.

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