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    Cultural safety is about community and individual empowerment to manage one’s own health, wellbeing and social issues. In practice, cultural safety requires health systems and the people within them, to examine their own practices in order to break down the barriers to achieving cultural understanding and responsiveness. This assessment provides an opportunity to communicate your understanding of these principles and set a plan for how cultural safety should be applied in the workplace.

    Please watch the Assessment 2 video, which includes some context for the assessment, a message and instruction from an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person. You are then to prepare a 1500-word (+/- 10%) report on cultural safety, including a cultural safety strategy.
    Assessment 2: There are three parts to this assessment. See the Assessment Brief for a detailed description of what students are expected to complete in each section. Please submit your answers to the questions on a word document. Please ensure you provide references for any answers/words/ideas that are not your own. You need to acknowledge from what sources you found the information.

    Part One (1)
    Students must prepare a cultural safety strategic document for an identified workplace (please read the step-by-step instruction below for part 1)

    Part Two (2)
    Describe why Cultural Safety is important in this clinic

    Part three (3)
    Complete the headings 1, 2 and 4
    Students are required to answer all the questions.

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