HRMT19020 Assessment details for all students

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    Code: HRMT19020

     Subject :Assessment details for all students

    This assessment task relates to UNIT learning outcomes numbers 1 to 3.
    This assessment task gives you the opportunity to enhance your research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing argument and report writing.
    You are required to write a BUSINESS REPORT. You are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature (peer reviewed journals) relevant to the task and evidence your argument from scholarly sources as well as other relevant reference material, including using organisational examples.
    This assessment is designed to further develop critical appraisal of organisational issues and specifically analysing approaches to change management.
    “Change failure rates do seem to vary by the type of change attempted. UK researcher Dr. Martin Smith summarized 49 separate studies of change success from the academic and trade press and found the kind of variability we might expect… the numbers suggest failure rates just below 50 percent…” (Gibbons, 2015, p. 20)
    You are to examine and critically discuss organisational change failure. Examine the Woolworth’s Masters Hardware failure and use this article to provide context:
    Identify key issues as to why this specific change effort failed and provide evidence from the literature including change concepts, theories, and models to support your argument. Use organisational examples (in addition to that of the topic organisation) to further evidence your claims.
    Note: The ABC news article must be referenced in your discussion and included in the list of References. It is an additional source to your peer reviewed journals and textbook.
    HRMT19020 2 Term 2, 2018
    Additional Information
    This assessment item involves researching your assigned topic to enhance your understanding of organisational change concepts, including change failure, and utilisation of academic literature. The prescribed textbook for the UNIT must be cited in relation to change management principles. You will be expected to present information and evidence from, and cite relevant academic peer reviewed journals. You must undertake research more broadly than articles posted on Moodle.
    The minimum to pass this criterion is SEVEN (7) scholarly references, which must include the prescribed textbook plus SIX (6) relevant academic peer reviewed journals. The quality and number of citations will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the literature used to formulate your argument. Your research provides the foundation content for the critical analysis, so without substantial quality research your ability to satisfactorily address the ‘Content’ marking criteria is somewhat limited.
    It is not only about the number of references, but also it is about the relevance and quality of the articles, and then how you use the content from your research. You can cite the textbook and any of your journal articles more than once as appropriate to develop your argument. The in text referencing must be appropriate and sufficient throughout.
    Keep your key research from 2012 onwards, unless you are using the primary source articles of theories and/or models. You may need to have additional material from pre 2012 to fully explore the topic and obtain material. You also will need to obtain material from appropriate sources that evidences the practical application of your discussion.
    Your marker is interested in the analysis that you have developed from YOUR review of the literature and how well you use the literature to respond to the topic. There should be minimal if any use of direct quotes and you should be paraphrasing and of course referencing as appropriate.

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