HS6004 222 T2 Applied Public Health

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     Collaboration and partnership working are key components of ‘Applied Public Health’. Your group work and presentation will enable you to put this into practice.

    Your presentation must be presented as though you were public health professionals presenting the findings of your group’s ward to senior management in public health.

    You will agree which slides you will present BUT no slide belongs to a specific student – ALL slides belong to each of you (you are a team!). Do not put student names or numbers on your slides (other than the title page).

    The degree of individual application, contribution and involvement will be evidenced in your group’s activity log. Please note professional accountability, honesty and integrity must be applied when completing the activity log. No attendance/activity = no cover ups! If this is discovered the whole team will be disqualified based on dishonesty. This is an essential competency for PH professionals (GPHPF D27 and D30).

    Maximum number of slides = 10, plus title page, overview and references

    • Note the relevant public health competency (in brackets) against your key points throughout your presentation. You are not required to discuss the competencies within your presentation, but must demonstrate that your presentation is underpinned by the public health
    • Title Page
      • HS6004 Applied Public Health
      • Your group number
      • Group members names and student numbers
      • Date of presentation (21st April 2023)
        • Allocated ward within Newham
        • Public health issue
    • Overview
    • Ward Profile
      • Map (highlighting your ward)
      • Ward demographics e.g. population / level of deprivation / life expectancy

    Up to eight slides covering the following:

    • Public Health Issue (informed by the evidence base)
    • Objective: Present epidemiological data / JSNA / ONS / OHID public health fingertips profile etc
    • Subjective: Citizen perspective / Healthwatch /community assembly / photos taken from ward visit (no faces!), plus any other valid information
    • Summarise how your findings led to the identification of the public health issue / priority for your ward
    • Solution Focus:
      • Challenges that may pose a problem for addressing this public health issue
      • Assets identified to support the ward in addressing the identified public health issue (Asset Based Approach)
      • Place Based Approach: How does the above integrate with a PBA
    • Conclusion: Summarise and identify the salient points
    • Any recommendations?
    • References (minimum of 20)
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