LSC20003 Gene And Protein Engineering

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    LSC20003 Gene and Protein Engineering is a course that focuses on the design and manipulation of genes and proteins for various applications. This course covers a range of topics including gene cloning, gene expression, protein purification, protein engineering, and molecular modeling.

    In gene cloning, students learn how to isolate, amplify, and insert specific genes into plasmids or other vectors for expression in a host organism. Gene expression covers the transcription and translation of genes, and the factors that affect the levels of protein produced. Protein purification is the process of separating and purifying proteins from a complex mixture, such as a cell lysate, using various techniques such as chromatography, electrophoresis, and ultrafiltration.

    Protein engineering involves the design and modification of proteins to enhance their properties or create new functions. This includes methods such as site-directed mutagenesis, protein fusion, and directed evolution. Molecular modeling uses computational methods to predict protein structure, function, and interactions, and is a critical tool for designing new proteins with specific properties.

    Overall, LSC20003 provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the techniques and concepts involved in gene and protein engineering, as well as their practical applications in fields such as biotechnology, medicine, and agriculture.

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