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ICT710: Professional Practice & Ethics Task 3

ICT Professional Practice and Ethics  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Westfield shopping center is working for digitalizing its business by considering the changing buying habits of the customers. The given case included that the firm has also collected information for making the shopping center technologically advanced.  For implementing information technology it is necessary for the companies to have appropriate and strict ethical standards for avoiding illegal or untrustworthy issues. With respect to this, the report has included IT governance framework for the analysis of the ethics and helping Westfield in implementing it properly for accomplishing the objectives. However, the implementation of IT systems within…


FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Code: FNS60215 Subject: Advanced Diploma of Accounting Assessment 1 Part A – Written or Oral Questions 1. a. What is the financial risk? (1 mark) Financial risk can be referred to the possibility that shareholders or relevant business stakeholders may face monetary loss when investing in a debt-ridden company and cash flow of the organisation fails to meet the financial obligations (Melicher, Norton and Town, 2015). b. What factors may affect the type and extent of an organisation’s exposure to financial risks? (3 marks) There are several factors that may influence the types and exposure of an organisation to financial risks such as…


The Chinese exclusion act!

The Chinese exclusion act! The following study will try to provide detail information about the background and reasons associated with the Chinese Exclusion act 1882. In the 18th century, the Chinese immigrant starts to enter in the south California region of the USA for the intervention in the gold mine business (Schaefer, 2015). Due to the lack of supply of labors in the California thousands of Chinese emigrants were recruited as a labor in the gold mine at a low labor cost. Therefore, the entrepreneurs associated with the gold mine started to recruit more Chinese emigrants than the local natives of…


MGT702 Managing People Assignment Help

Code: MGT702 Subject : Managing People Assignment 1. What is this course about? 1.1 Course description This course focuses on the issues practising manager’s face in working effectively with people. It aims to introduce you to important concepts and practices that empower others to help build successful organisations. The course is experiential and will focus on developing and enhancing personal leadership capacity. Group discussions and practical exercises are employed to develop the skills and behaviours needed for effective leadership. 1.2 Course content • The Nature and Environment of Leadership • Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness, Perception and Developing Leadership Competencies. • Communication Style, Coaching…


MGT301A : Ethics and Sustainability!

Introduction The rapid globalization and increasing competition in the market have come up with several challenges and issues for contemporary organizations. The issues are related to an ethical, economic, commercial, social and environmental context of organizations. Hence, it becomes important for organizations to identify and addressing issues so that they do not hinder organizational productivity and growth (Mohan, 2007).  The assignment will include identification of two issues related to contemporary organizations and the ethical framework to address those issues. Identification of Issue 1 Managing Work Force Diversity and Ensuring Fair Selection Process:  With the increasing globalization, employees from different ethical and cultural…


MKT570 – What is IMC? – Blog Discussion !

What is IMC? – Blog Discussion IMC or “Integrated Marketing Communications” can be defined as the integration of all the promotional tools of an organization so that common marketing objectives can be accomplished. It is an amalgamation of the various advertising/marketing/ and other communication tools of an organization so that there can be the maximization of profits. It is important to create effective IMC messages as well as images so that they can convey the right meaning to the consumers. As defined by Belch et al. (2014), the latest technologies such as mobile devices, internet, and traditional marketing channels are modifying…


Economy and Risk Drivers in Thailand!

Thailand’s economic performance since 2011 In 2011, the country witnessed two major crucial events that destabilized Thailand’s economic growth-general elections, and flooding in most parts of the country. 2011 politics was partly divisive and inhibited the growth of the country’s economy. In these elections, the Pheu Thai Party had worn against the Democratic Party. Yingluck Shinawatra, who was the youngest sister of Thaksin, was leading Pheu Thai Party, hence she became the president. Thus, it is notable that the entire year was marked by elections that hindered economic development. As if that is not enough, the floods came destroying the little…


Accounting information system !

Question 1: What role do accountant’s play in today’s information intensive organizations? The accountant has the role of staff function in any organization as they are not the part of revenue generating divisions of the businesses. However, they have important role in information intensive organization for evaluating the financial and operating performance of the companies. The complex business structure of the companies is required to be monitored by the various departments along with different viewpoints. Moreover, the accountant provides the financial data management by means of collecting and maintaining the accounting data. Further, such recorded data is helpful in analyzing…


Report – Social Determinants of Health!

Heart disease is one of the significant causes of death in Australia. There are around 43,963 deaths caused in the nation due to the cardiovascular disease. According to a survey, it has found that heart disease kills one Australian in every 12 minutes which shows the danger to the country. Heart disease includes stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy and many more. In Australia, cardiovascular disease is referred to as most significant health issues which need to control for reducing the burden from the economy. From a survey of 2007, it was recorded that half of the deaths in country were due…


BIZ102: Reflective Journal 1

Reflection helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Self-analysis, self-evaluation, etc. are the ways in which an individual can evaluate his or her skills and knowledge. There are other tools, and techniques like online quiz, test and many more are available quickly to the user for providing them proper results and assisting them in collecting more information about themselves (Martin-Raugh, Kell & Motowidlo, 2016). I want to know my emotional intelligence for developing my personality and other skills like communication, interpersonal, etc. In context to this, I have given an emotional intelligence test for knowing my skills in…

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