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    Assessment Task
    In groups, apply data analysis and visualisation skills, and create meaningful data visualisations for a public dataset. Then, create a 10-15minutes presentation as a short video explaining the findings of your visual analysis.

    In Module 1 and 2, you learnt about Data Visualisation and the associated tool. You have also explored what are the quality issues related to data are. This group presentation gives you the opportunity to select publicly available datasets, transform, perform analysis on it using an industry standard tool, creating visualisations that can enable you to get meaningful insight into what selected data has to offer.

    Step 1: Group formation and registration
    Form groups of two members each. You may seek help from your learning facilitator.
    Step 2: Select a publicly available dataset from the internet.
    Step 3: Find out the involved issues of the selected data. Make note of all the identified issues. For every issue identified you should have a solid rationale.
    Step 4: Analyse selected data using the selected tool and try creating meaningful visualisations that give you more visual insight into data.
    Step 5: Based on analysis using visualisation, identify important finding about that data.
    Step 6: Carefully identify your limitations.
    Step 7: Now create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation having the following sections: Section1: Selected Dataset
     Provide a link to data.
     Explain why you selected this data.
     Explain the issues in the selected data.
    Section 2: Selected Analysis/Visualisation Tool
     What are the benefits and drawbacks of the selected tool?
    Section 3: Visualisations (Diagrams)
     On every PowerPoint slide, copy a diagram (visualisation) and beneath every diagram briefly explain what information/knowledge you obtained from the diagram. Make as many PowerPoint slides as you want to.
     The visualisation should include dashboard(s). It is expected that the student shows the functionality of the dashboard in the video rather than just adding a screenshot of a dashboard in the presentation.
    Section 4: Findings and Limitations
     Explain what your findings are about the selected data as a result of data analysis (/ visualisation) that you have performed.
     Enlist your limitations.
    Section 5: Group Work Distribution
     Categorically explain how work was distributed between group members.
    Step 8: Now using the PowerPoint, create a video presentation in which your facilitator should be able to see you as well as the PowerPoint slides in the video. Please note that this 10-15-minutes video is like an online presentation. Both members of the group should take part in the video equally. Please ensure that you are objective in your presentation (PowerPoint and video).

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