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    Task Summary

    Select a global company such as a Fortune 500 organization, that you are familiar with. Examples of Australian global companies include Qantas and BHP. Some examples of Global Fortune 500 companies are Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, BP, Google, Starbucks, Shell, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Kering or Tata Motors to name a few.
    Describe three of the operations of the chosen company from the perspective of data distribution.

    The report has to include a discussion on data and networking concepts learned in the subject, as well as protocols used in each of the chosen operations.

    A full network diagram with all the adequate network devices has to be created to support your discussion.

    This assessment gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and theories you’ve learnt in this subject. In doing so, you are required to analyze the chosen company’s data distribution. Provide reviews and recommendations of the data flows and communication protocol stacks.

    Task Instructions
    1. Once you have chosen your company… Select three of their operations (initiated by the employees), and describe them from the perspective of the data and networking specialist.

    ‘For instance, when the manager of a company is creating and sending the roster of the week, the operator of an airline company is confirming the ticket for a customer, the information on stock is updated by a warehouse staff member, etc.’

    2. Create a full network topology diagram reflecting the chosen company. The diagram needs to be your own work and needs to be developed using Visio or Lucidchart or an approved graphic package. (Please seek the approval of the learning facilitator prior to commencing this activity.)

    The diagram should be related to the characteristics of the chosen company (for example having branches across the country, having warehouses, different departments in the company, etc). The authenticity of the elements and the level of relevance with the chosen company, will demonstrate that you are the author of the diagram.

    3. When describing the chosen operations, you will need to focus on the flow of data (data trail) and the protocols used in each step.
    What are the main protocols that enable the effective data communication? Please create small supportive pictures, to enhance your discussion.

    4. Provide recommendations to the company, in relation to data distribution and data safety. The recommendations should be about the technology used, protocols, network architecture, etc.

    5. This is an authentic assessment task and thus you are required to use professional terms Ensure that you are assignment is contextualized.

    6. All the diagram/pictures used must be referenced according to APA 7 style referencing.

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