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    Task Summary
    In this assessment, you are required to perform database table normalisation and present your solutions in a PowerPoint presentation. In doing so, you are required to demonstrate your work and solution through a series of normal forms. You need to first normalise the database tables to the first normal form (1NF), then the second normal form (2NF), and finally the third normal form (3NF).

    In the first two modules, you learnt data models and relational data modelling. Next, you were introduced to the database table normalisation process in Module 3.1, which is aimed to enhance the quality of database tables. Normalisation plays a significant role in ensuring database tables are well structured so that both data redundancies and the likelihood of data anomalies can be minimised.

    By completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your understanding of the following:
    (1) the database table normalisation process and
    (2) the criteria for database tables to be in 1NF, 2NF and 3NF
    as well as your ability to:
    (1) comprehend business rules and logic to determine data dependencies,
    (2) perform database table normalisation process and normalise database tables up to 3NF and
    (3) articulate your solutions and the rationale to an audience.

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