MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design

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    Task Summary
    In this assessment, you are required to demonstrate your ability to understand the requirements for various data information requests from an existing database and develop appropriate SQL statements to satisfy those requirements.

    Being able to query a database is a fundamental skill that is required by all information systems professionals who work with relational databases. In this assessment, you will utilize the basic query skills that are typically used to extract information for analysis, reporting and data cleansing in a data management setting. Timely provisioning of key business information promotes effective communication and enhanced solution delivery.

    Task Instructions
    Please read and examine the attached MIS602_Assessment 2_Data Implementation_ Case study carefully and then derive the SQL queries to return the required information. Your focus should be on providing the output as meaningful and presentable as possible. Please note that extra marks will be awarded for the presentation and readability of SQL queries, including the ordering of the columns.

    Please note that all the SQL queries should be generated using MySQL server either using MySQL workbench or MySQL Command Line Client.

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