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    MIS603 Microservices Architecture

    Assessment: One – Written Assessment
    Individual/Group: Individual
    Length: 2000-word limit
    Learning Outcomes: a-d
    Submission Due: 23:59 (Sydney time) Friday, end of module 2.2.
    Weighting: 30%

    In your reading and activities for this subject, you will have built an appreciation already that contemporary information systems cater to a variety of users, for multiple purposes; they must adapt, scale and be fault-tolerant.  While you are building your expertise in the early stages of this subject you are required to build up a high-level report that demonstrates you appreciate the history and present situation.  You will be demonstrating your attainment of all of the subject learning outcomes in this report.  By undertaking this assessment, you will be able to contextualise and explain the high-level concepts of microservices architecture to technical and non-technical people, while highlighting the business benefits and challenges.

    This report will be used as a briefing document for your employer or consulting client for the introduction or continuing use of microservices.  You are required to briefly survey the history of computing and to explain how and why the present contemporary suite of information systems are fundamentally different to the various generations of technology and its use throughout the ages.  From this point, you should provide a definition and framework for what a software architecture is and why it is important to the contemporary enterprise.  A short summary of the main types of software architecture should precede a conclusion.

    To begin the assessment, you should provide a short summary of what your role is in the hypothetical professional context and explain what about your background makes you qualified to give advice on microservices architecture.  Once you have established your credentials you should introduce the paper, provide its content and then conclude.

    In preparing for the assessment, remember that the activities included in the modules are specifically designed to scaffold your understanding.  If you have attended class and participated dutifully in the activities, this assessment will be very easy to write!

    It is expected the academic references are included and that you cite them all in the body of the report.  Although it is impossible to prescribe a minimum number to use, a good rule of thumb to follow for Masters level courses is to use a new citation every 100 words.

    Submission Instructions:  
    Do not leave this assessment to the last minute!   
    You are expected to begin this assessment when you begin the trimester, especially as you relate the learning activities (formative assessment) in the modules to this and the other (summative) assessments.  Be sure to keep several drafts of your work as well as your notes and any sources you used to draw on in preparing your report.

    Extensions will be considered only in extenuating circumstances where the student has applied before the due date.  At that point, students are required to provide the latest draft, in case the extension is not granted and to demonstrate they have earnestly done everything to avoid lateness.
    Students are responsible for keeping appropriate back-ups and drafts of their assignments and to submit the correct version.

    Torrens University Australia policies apply to the preparation and submission of this assignment.

    MIS603- Micro services architecture Management information system assignment help

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