MITS5501 – Software Engineering Methodology IT assignment help

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    In this assignment develop components of the Software Specification and Design.

    Carefully read the associated Case Study for this assignment

    From this Case Study you are to prepare the following:

    1. Specification Document
    2. Executive Summary
    3. System Description
    4. Scope
    5. Feasibility Analysis
    6. Requirements Specification
    7. Functional
    8. Non-Functional
    9. Assumptions/ Constraints
    10. Use Cases (from functional requirements) (at least 4 per group)
    11. Use Case Diagrams
    12. Use Case Descriptions
    13. Context Model
    14. Leveled Set of Functional Models
    15. Design Document
    16. Architectural Design
    17. Hardware Specifications
    18. Detailed Class Diagram
    19. Interface Design
    20. Wireframe Diagrams
    21. Business Process Models
    22. Sequence Diagrams
    23. Interaction Diagrams
    24. State Diagrams

    MITS5501 – Software Engineering Methodology IT assignment help

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