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    Assignment Description

    For this assignment you will evaluate two Network Security Software. Marks will be awarded based on the sophistication and the difficulties the demonstration explored.

    Your task is to complete and make a 6-7 min video presentation on the following:

    1.Download and install (on your computer or on MIT Virtual box) any two of the Security Tool from Table 1.

    2.Outline of your presentation (should include description of the tools).

    (1 Marks)

    3.Demonstrate (narration of your actions recorded by video) 4 tasks that each of the software/security tools can perform. Your demonstration should include:

    1.Discussion on the threats that these tools could be used for mitigating (name and brief description of the threats should be included in your discussion), and

    1.Explanation of how to use these tool to monitor security threats.

    (2*4 = 8 Marks)

    4.Comparison of the tools that you used in this work. Your comparison could include:


    1. Security features (range/level)
    2. Time taken to detect any threat

    • Ease of usage

    (3 Marks)

    5. Analyse the following scenario and give your opinion on which of the tools that you investigated could be more suitable for this scenario. In your analysis, please consider the following:

    1.Discuss the business requirement for JKL in terms of security?
    2.What are the probable Security threat for JKL?

    •Propose better suited tool (between the two tools that you have worked on).

    1. Justify your answer for question iii.
    (4 Marks)

    6.You should appear in the video at the first and last 30 secs to introduce yourself and draw a conclusion on your experience with the Security Tool.

    (2 + 2 = 4 Marks)

    Case Scenario: JKL is a small software development company with two sites in Brisbane and Adelaide. The head office of JKL is in Adelaide. The servers are located in Adelaide. Each office has approximately 50 staff and they have 5 departments, Technology, Finance, Operations, Customer service and Administration. Staff from both sites need to communicate with each other on a daily basis on various office matter. Development work is done in collaboration with staff from both sites. Some of the clients of JKL require highest level of security and confidentiality of their data and information. So, network and information security is very important for JKL. The challenge of JKL is to maintain high level of security within a small budget.

    Length of Video: Introduction (20 secs approximately, your appearance should be in the video) + Outline of the presentation (20 secs approximately) + Demonstration of the task (240 seconds approximately) + Comparison of the Tools (30 seconds approximately) +Analysis of the scenario (30 secs approximately) + Conclusion (15 secs approximately, with appearance). The total length of the presentation should not more than 7 minutes (mark would be deducted for over-length presentation).

    Table 1:
    Network Security Tools (You can choose any two network security tools for your demonstration with your tutor’s consent)

    Serial # Name of the security tool
    1 Metasploit Framework

    2 Wireshark

    3 Snort

    4 Zenmap in Kali Linux

    You may use any of the available open source software for screen capture. Please find the following as an example.


    The following resources may be of use:

    • Textbooks
    • Youtube Videos

    Submission Guidelines:

    1.Name your video with your student number and name.
    2.Upload Video on your Youtube account
    3.Copy the Video Link to a file (word document) and
    4.Upload it into the MOODLE

    To upload on Youtube, you must create your account on youtube. If you have a google account (gmail), you already have one on youtube. Videos must be of one of the following formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, .3GPP,
    .WebM. Once you have an account, to upload your video, click on the ‘upload’ button located at the top right-hand corner of your webpage. To keep your uploaded video unsearchable by people so that random people cannot view your video(s), you have to select the privacy mode from the drop-down menu on the upload screen to be ‘Unlisted’. This way, your video is viewable by only those who have got the URL of your video. Make sure you copy+paste your video URL in the file submitted on MOODLE for your marker to be able to watch and mark it!

    Marking criteria:

    Example of marking criteria is shown in following table. Marks are allocated as follows:

    Section to be included Description of the section Marks
    in the report
    Introduction Student should introduce with his/her physical 2
    appearance in the video.
    Outline Outline of the whole presentation including 1
    tool description.
    Demonstration Demonstrate (narration of your actions 2*4 = 8
    recorded by video) all steps from the respective
    Comparison Compare the two tools investigated. 3
    Analysis Analysis of the scenario. 4
    Conclusion With appearance, draw a conclusion on your 2
    experience with the Security Software.
    Total 20

    HD DI CR P
    16-20 14-15 12-13 10-11

    Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory
    Appearance is Appearance is Appearance is Makes an
    clear, easy to
    clear and easy to clear and appearance and
    follow, well
    follow. understandable provides an
    prepared and

    Create a very A bullet point Explained and Explained but no
    nice bullet point outline is provided
    there is screen screen showing a
    outline and well and presented
    showing a written outline.
    presented it before the start of
    written outline
    before the the presentation
    but there is room

    Very profession- Professional, clear Clear and easy to Demonstration is
    al, clear and and easy to follow follow but lacks done but there is
    easy to follow. professionalism Difficult to follow




    Does not make an appearance in the video at the start of video

    The outline is not done properly.
    Tasks have not been demonstrate properly
    (difficult to follow)
    Comparison /3


    Conclusion /2

    Clear Clear comparison Clear comparison Some comparison is The comparison is
    comparison with with some with little there but there is Very poorly done.
    valid justification and Justification. room for
    justification and easy to follow Improvement.
    very easy to

    Clear analysis Clear analysis with Clear analysis with Some analysis is The analysis is very
    with valid some justification Little justification. there but there is Poorly done.
    justification and and easy to follow room for
    very easy to Improvement.

    A very powerful Very Good Appearance made Appearance made Barely appear at
    conclusion with Conclusion and good and conclusion the end of the
    Full confidence. conclusion Provided. Video.

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