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Useful references

You may find these useful to begin your literature search. You should not limit your references to

Swinburn B. A. (2008). Obesity prevention: the role of policies, laws and regulations. Australia
and New Zealand health policy, 5, 12.
Zhang, Q., Liu, S., Liu, R., Xue, H., & Wang, Y. (2014). Food Policy Approaches to Obesity
Prevention: An International Perspective. Current obesity reports, 3(2), 171–182.

Bhurosy, T., & Jeewon, R. (2014). Overweight and obesity epidemic in developing countries:
a problem with diet, physical activity, or socioeconomic status?. TheScientificWorldJournal, 2014,
Important Considerations
Criteria Guidance

(50-75 words)
Identify and introduce the obesity reduction policy in your chosen country. In no more
than 2 lines, discuss why you have chosen this policy. Address yourself as “The

Main body
(400 words)
Critically analyse the policy drivers and the factors associated with the development
and implementation of obesity reduction policy in your chosen country (LO2)
Undertake economic evaluation of the policy to establish the effectiveness of the
policy. Consider whether your chosen country is a low-, middle-, or high-income
country. (LO3) You may want to discuss the policy’s sustainability, costs, and

Critically discuss and conclude how this policy can be improved by identifying
weaknesses and gaps. This needs to be supported by evidence and literature.

(50-75 words)
Summarise the findings of your policy analysis

Use the CU APA Referencing Style Home -Home – Referencing in APA Style –
LibGuides at Coventry University
This referencing method should be consistently and accurately
applied throughout the essay.
The reference list should be in alphabetical order according to

It is vital, when proof reading your work to ensure that all sources
that appear in the text are also represented in the reference list
and vice versa.

It is important to you and the tutors that your project is written and presented in a professional
manner. The following requirements must be adhered to in the format of assignments:
1. Your limit does allow for +/- 10% words in length. The limit includes words used in tables, graphs,
charts and diagrams, but excludes the front cover, references list and appendices. If you exceed the
word limit you will be penalised 10% from your mark
2. The front cover page – see appendix for the template of CW1 in the module guide.
3. The font type should be Arial and the font size for the body of the text 12 point.
4. One and a half (1.5) line spacing must be used.
5. All pages should be numbered consecutively, in the footer on the right.
6. Your student number should be in the footer on the left.
7. References, citations, and quotations should be in Coventry University APA Referencing only.
Ensure that all statements and arguments are supported with reference to the evidence in the
relevant literature.
8. Any diagrams, tables, photographic images etc. should be appropriately labelled and referenced in

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