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    Android Development
    This assignment requires you to develop a simple Android application that uses multiple activities, which are related using Intents. To write the application you will need to use the Android Studio (IDE) 3.2 or latest version.
    Your application must perform all tasks listed in this document, and can run on any Android device with a minimum API version of 21 (Lollipop 5.0) up to the latest version of Android.
    Your application should be created to display correctly on an emulated Nexus 5X ( 1080 X 1920 pixels in portrait orientation) – however, by using sizes specified in “density independent pixels” (dp) the application should also be able to display correctly on any Android device with any sized screen and resolution.
    Create an app. that will offer two features:
    (i) Convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.
    (ii) Covert distance measurements provided as inches into either centimeter and vice versa.
    The main screen (activity) of the app. must provide a method to select one of the two conversions offered. You can use two buttons or two images to offer the selection.
    The app. must,
    – Have a total of three different activities.
    – Properly support orientation changes. Specifically, it should not lose values/state information.
    Write a page report (not more than one page) on the following two questions:
    1. How different activities are connected?
    2. How orientation change is managed?
    You may provide code snippets to answer the above questions.
    All code snippets must be commented.

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