NURS7028 Leadership In Clinical Practice

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    NURS7028 Leadership in Clinical Practice is a course that focuses on developing leadership skills and knowledge for nurses in clinical practice. This course covers a range of topics including leadership theories, healthcare systems, healthcare policy, healthcare economics, and communication.

    In leadership theories, students learn about various leadership styles, approaches, and models, and how they can be applied in clinical practice. Healthcare systems cover the structure and organization of healthcare systems, including the roles of different stakeholders such as government, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. Healthcare policy covers the development and implementation of policies that affect healthcare delivery, including issues related to quality of care, patient safety, and access to care.

    Healthcare economics covers the economic aspects of healthcare, including funding and reimbursement models, cost-effectiveness analysis, and the financial impact of healthcare policies. Communication skills are critical for effective leadership, and this course covers strategies for effective communication with patients, families, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders.

    Overall, NURS7028 provides students with a strong foundation in leadership theory and practice, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate the complex healthcare landscape. This course prepares nurses to take on leadership roles in clinical practice, and to make a positive impact on the quality of care and patient outcomes.

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