NUTR-1026 Food Nutrition and Public Health

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    Food Nutrition and Public Health Assignment help

    The Title: Report on a contemporary issue in relation to nutrition and food, currently faced by Public Health.

    1         Structure (Could include group of related health issues – just not too many!)

    ‘A health issue’ – of your choice – have a general look at what is available in recent literature.

    The following is a suggestion for layout – you do not have to follow it but whatever you choose to do you need to tell a story in a logical order and keep your information discreetly organised – cross refer rather than repeat (repetition wastes words & loses marks) – there is a cross-reference tool in Word/References which is very useful.

    And of course you need to cite references using the Harvard conventions.

    1.1        Title  (approx.5-10 word)

    When you are given a title it is essential to bear the title in mind as you write – to make sure every single sentence that you write is in context, don’t waste words going off on an unrelated tangent.

    1.2        Statement of the Problem (approx. 1000 word)

    What is the problem? What are the implications, impact and associated economical cost? At  sets the scene for the rest of the document & prepares your reader for what is coming.

    1.3        Current state of play (approx.1600)

    This is a critical evaluation of the relationship between the issue, policy and practice. What are the main drivers? At least 50% of the words should be spent on the relationship aspects.

    1.4        Proposed  plan of action (approx.800)

    How the problem can be tackled? What are main deliverable? Who are the main stakeholders?

    1.5          Concluding remarks ( approx.600)

    2  Marking Criteria / Rubric

    he criteria will be as follow?

    2.1    Overall Presentation   5%

    1. Layout – use of headers & subheaders
    2. Table of contents with hyperlinks (evidence of use of formatting tools)
    • List of tables & figures if appropriate
    1. Organisation of information – discreetly organised into headers/subheaders, not mixed up. Cross referenced rather than repeated. Information tells a story in a logical sequence.
    2. Delivery of information – context is always clear, grammar and spelling mostly correct, no ambiguities.

    2.2        Statement of the problem 25%

    Terms used in title are defined and their relationship outlined. The reader is in no doubt concerning the subject of the report.

    2.3        Current state of play  30%

    More in-depth description of the terms in the title .

    Then move into the relationship between the life style, policy, practice  and  your chosen health issue. This should include info about your chosen health issue before getting into possible mode(s) of action

    This is where it becomes important with respect to organising your information and decisions about the depth of detail to include. This is a report – you can always include appendices for more in-depth information. Appendices do not count towards your word count and may not be read – but are commonly used in report writing to deal with detail not appropriate in the main body of a report.

    As you start to find information you should be able to identify a common theme(s) to evaluate – you won’t get them all! Critical evaluation is about comparing and contrasting what you read – might all be in agreement – you can’t create dissention where there is none. Sometimes students present a list of beautifully summarised paragraphs where each paragraph deals with a single paper/experiment – but there is no actual discussion of how those papers relate to each other. Try to make sure you can see the whole picture rather than disconnected detail.

    2.4        Plan of action 20

    A summary of your evaluation clearly relating to the title and introduction. No new material to be introduced here.

    2.5        Concluding remarks 10

    2.6        Use of Literature 10

    Information supported with appropriate sources – predominantly peer reviewed publications.

    Conventional formatting (Harvard or APA) for in-text citations and ref list.

    Reference list complete – check out how to reference web sites/links.


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