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    SPC1608 Speech Communication is a course that aims to develop effective oral communication skills in various settings. The course covers a range of topics, including public speaking, interpersonal communication, and small group communication.

    Through a combination of lectures, readings, and practical exercises, students learn how to craft and deliver effective speeches, engage in meaningful interpersonal interactions, and collaborate effectively in small groups. They also learn how to use various forms of visual aids, such as slides and videos, to enhance their presentations.

    The course emphasizes the importance of audience analysis, effective organization, and persuasive argumentation in public speaking. It also provides strategies for managing anxiety and building confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

    Overall, SPC1608 Speech Communication is an important course for anyone interested in developing effective communication skills for various settings, including academic, professional, and personal contexts. The skills learned in this course can help students become more confident and persuasive speakers, and enhance their overall communication abilities.

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