ST5053 Biomechanics And Control Of Human Movement

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    ST5053 Biomechanics and Control of Human Movement is a course that explores the mechanics of human movement and the neuromuscular control systems that govern it. This course covers a range of topics including musculoskeletal anatomy, kinematics, kinetics, motor control, and gait analysis.

    In musculoskeletal anatomy, students learn about the structure and function of bones, muscles, and joints, and how they work together to produce movement. Kinematics is the study of movement without consideration of the forces causing the movement, while kinetics is the study of the forces that cause or influence motion. In this course, students study both, including how to quantify forces and moments in human motion.

    Motor control is the study of how the nervous system controls movement. This includes the neural pathways and reflexes involved in motor control, as well as the effects of feedback and feedforward mechanisms on movement. Gait analysis is the study of human walking and running patterns, and how they can be affected by injury, disease, or other factors.

    Overall, ST5053 provides students with a deep understanding of the biomechanics and control of human movement, as well as the tools and techniques used to analyze and quantify these processes. This knowledge is critical for professionals in fields such as physical therapy, sports science, and rehabilitation.

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