010 Element 1000 word report (2022 MOD007390 TRI2 F01CAM)

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010 Element 1000 word report Assignment help

Assessment Task Detail and Instructions:
Consider a cyber risk of an organisation based on a real-world case study, and
conduct a risk assessment. You need to assess at least a risk item and perform all the
risk assessment steps (i.e., identify vulnerabilities and threats associated with the risk,
and so forth). The mitigation must clearly define proper mitigation action(s) and
controls to reduce or eliminate the risk(s). You can use any well-known risk
assessment framework/standard (e.g., NIST, ISO2700X, etc.).
You must write a structured report in which you have to explain the following:
• The case study (real-world issue) used for your assessment.
• The framework/standard you have used for the risk assessment and how
you used it (the process, its steps, etc.).
• The details of risk assessment. Also, include a risk matrix and table, and
explain the risk criteria. You need to reference all used resources.
• You must discuss why and how the result of your assessment could help
the organisation take proactive actions and/or how the mitigation actions
minimise the risk to the organisation.
The report should contain an introduction, assessment approach, results, discussion,
and conclusion.

Please use ARU’s Harvard Referencing style.
Word limit: 1000
Guidance Resources:

Use Google Scholar and the ARU library for your literature review.
You can find many cybersecurity case studies by Googling relevant keywords. For
example, case studies about customer data breaches of banks, manufacturing cyber
attacks, unauthorised access to payment systems, cloud solutions attacks,
ransomware issues, etc.

Useful links:
NIST CSF: https://www.nist.gov/cyberframeworkLinks to an external site.
NIST Risk Management Framework and Controls: https://csrc.nist.gov/Projects/riskmanagement/
sp800-53-controlsLinks to an external site.
ISO 27001 and 27002: https://www.iso27001security.com/Links to an external site.
ISO 27001 Risk Assessment: https://www.isms.online/iso-27001/riskassessment/
Links to an external site.
CIS Controls: https://www.cisecurity.org/controls/cis-controls-listLinks to an
external site.

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